5 Expert Tips to Get Glowing Skin

“How do you get a perfectly glowing skin?” is one of the many skincare subjects that we’ll never get tired of talking about. Whether we’re chatting about our favourite serums with our friends or quizzing our dermatologist about the best retinols, it’s just a topic that never really gets tabled. And to answer your question, we asked some of the expert facialists to spill the secrets – from diet tips to the most crucial skincare tips – on how you can really get a perfect glowing skin.


  1. Replace Your Midday Coffee. Know the phrase, ‘You are what you eat?’ Well, it’s partly true because what you snack on actually affects your skin. So instead of drinking your afternoon cup of Joe, try taking something rich in nutrients like green juices instead. Apart from being a healthy replacement for coffee, it’ll also help in giving you glowing skin that you want in just a matter of days. Plus, it also aids in stimulating your lymphatic drainage and oxygenating your skin, giving you a de-puffing effect.


  1. Never Skip Omega-3. Apart from being healthy for the heart, Omega-3s are also essential to keep your skin healthy. The key here is to add foods that hold this superstar fatty acid into your diet. Snacking on a bowl of walnuts, or adding some flaxseeds on your salad is already enough to boost your Omega-3 and increase your skin’s ability to hold onto moisture.


  1. Exfoliate Always. Proper skin exfoliation is one of the secret weapons to having great skin. Think of this skincare habit as way to create a perfect canvas for your makeup and other beauty products. You could be investing in the most expensive and amazing skincare products, but without proper skin exfoliation, those products won’t be able to penetrate your skin and make any difference at all.


  1. Get Facial Frequently. This is one tip that you’ll definitely love. Experts suggest getting facials once a month because nothing you do at home can replace the professional attention, exfoliation and extraction done to you at facial spas.


  1. Perform an At-Home Facial Massage. If the former seems quite impossible to do, then we suggest that you give yourself an at-home facial massage instead. Massage your face in a gentle circular upward motion, towards your jaw, the sides of your face and around your eye area. This massaging technique will help coax nutrients into your tissues, giving you glowing and healthy-looking skin.

Getting a perfect, glowing skin is actually easy. All you’ve got to do is eat healthy foods, use the right products, practise good skincare habits and you’ll be rewarded with healthy-looking skin.


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