6 Desk Designing Tips to Boost Productivity


You know there are little things that make you every day job easier: a nap, an afternoon coffee break, a quick lap around the floor to clear your head and a work area that has something motivational and relaxing to gaze off when your eyes feel exhausted staring at the computer.


A good desk should be clean and energetic, which makes for a more productive day. So, we’ve came up with a few tips to tackle your every day work space and turn them into an environment that’s ispiring and well put-together.

  1. Add a Lamp

If you usually stay in the office late at night or tend to arrive early that the lights have not been turned on yet, use a desk lamp to instantly brighten up your space. Nobody likes to work in the dark and potentially damage the eyes later in life.

  1. Use a Scent Diffuser

Reed diffusers are excellent addition to your work desk. But if you want to step up the game, get those with flowers attached on the reeds. Remember to choose a scent that makes you feel relaxed and calm.

  1. Use Organizers

If you don’t have organizers on your desk, you’re probably living in clutter. Organize files by date or other categories, so you can easily find them when needed.  Place them in colourful folders and envelopes to add life to your space.


  1. Hang Some Photos

Photos of family and friends will help you relax when you’re stressed, or give you that feeling of extra support and motivation to get through a long, tough day. If your desk is cubicle type, you can stick the photos to the cubicle panels or place them in a cute frame on your table.

  1. Have Some Plants

Even the smallest green in your office is good for you. However, since real, live plants wilt and die and require extra attention, you can opt for plastic ones. Make sure to get a good quality one that mimics the exact look and colour of a plant.

  1. Work On a Theme

Before purging your desk and shopping for additional pieces, have a theme in mind. A theme will help you focus on getting the right objects to buy and makes everything look coherent, therefore less chaotic and stressful.

The physical appearance of your work area greatly affects your performance and productivity. So, if your target is to be next month’s most promising employee, start by de-cluttering your desk and keeping these essential tips in mind.


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