Apple Watch, Finally  

On March 9, 2015, all eyes were at the Yerba Buena Centre for the Arts in San Francisco. Apple finally revealed their Apple Watch. Singaporeans are anticipating the coming of Apple Watch here in Singapore.


Since it is not yet widely available in the market, it is crucial that we learn few things about it so we will know what to expect. Here are some things that we should know about Apple Watch:

  • Basics: Apple Watch boasts of its touchscreen-based screen with imbedded sensors. The Watch should be tethered to a smartphone of course. The sensors will measure the steps, heart rate, speed and distance.
  • Control: Apple Watch’s control is through Siri. This means that it is voice command.


  • What it can do: What makes Apple Watch exceptional? It can ping notifications from popular applications. The notifications will be in the form of vibrate to catch our attention. The Watch can also sense movements and surroundings. Based on the movements or surroundings, it can then act accordingly. For example, it can recognize compatible cashier desk and launch Apple Pay.
  • Battery: Experts believe that the battery of Apple Watch will not last long under heavy use however, it can ensure up to five hours of use. There is also a feature called “power reserve” mode that can extend battery life.

This smart watch can do so much with the things mentioned above. There are no reports how much this watch will cost but to be safe, we have to assume that this is costly. Despite its price, its function is more than what we need.

Let us wait together for its launching.


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