Bringing Indoor Comfort Outdoors

7 Design Tips for Your Outdoor Living Room

The living room is the most important part of every home for it is where the family gathers and where guests are welcomed. But for some, having one more living room lets them enjoy their place more and have something more to offer to visitors.


If you have a balcony and would want the relaxing view of the beautiful outdoors, why not turn that space into an outdoor living room? Take a look at the following tips to help you with that.

  1. Complement It With Your Home’s Design

Let your outdoor design seem to connect with what you have indoors. Doing so will create harmonious aesthetic for your entire home. This makes your place look inviting even if guests stay outside of your house.

  1. Provide a Covered Area

Consider setting up a shelter to shield you from the rain and extreme heat. Your guests would love to chill out in a beautiful view but away from the rain or the sun’s heat. If your outdoor room is in the terrace, there’s no need to set up any covering.

  1. Make It Accessible

An outdoor seating area should be accessible from inside the house. Place it right next to the exit door of the kitchen so there’s no need for you to go far to get some food. Also, make sure there’s easy access to electricity and water.


  1. Give the Space Some Privacy

Just because it is outside doesn’t mean that your outdoor space cannot have some privacy. Place decorative stones or screen walls or place tall wedges or a fence around it. This doesn’t only provide a bit of exclusivity, but also improve the beauty of the area.

  1. Face a Good View

Make the stay in your outdoor area more relaxing by facing somewhere with a good view. If you’re located near a beach or if your house overlooks a breath-taking greenery, set up your outdoor living room facing that area. This way, you have a stunning view to keep your guests entertained.

  1. Pick Appropriate Furnishings

Since you will be placing it outside, pick weather resistant furnishings, like those made of rattan or bamboo and cushions covered in leather. Choose colours that match your indoor furniture, and make sure sizes are appropriate for the available space.

  1. Consider Natural Elements

You may want to setup your outdoor living room in the side of the house near the trees for a windy and shady ambiance. If there are no trees near any part of your house, consider the wind and sun orientation so you can be sure that your outdoor space won’t be too hot during the times that you’ll use it.

For sure, all of us want an outdoor living room in our home. While this may cost a bit more, the tranquil view and the relaxing ambiance are priceless and beyond compare.


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