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Singapore Top 3 Golf Courses

As golf is one of the most played sports in Singapore, the country has several golf courses especially designed for golf enthusiasts in our small country. If you’re looking for a new place to develop your hobby or perhaps want to practice for a forthcoming golf competition, consider practicing on these top 3 golf courses in Singapore.

Tanah Merah Country Club

Despite being next to the very hectic Changi Airport, the Tanah Merah Country Club golf course still has the fresh air of large tropical garden of bougainvillea, tropical hardwoods and palms. The garden course was originally designed by Thomson, Wolveridge, Fream in 1984 and redesigned by Max Wexler after 10 years. Wexler added slopes and improved the irrigation and drainage system of the site.

Sentosa Golf Club

Sentosa Golf Club is gifted in terms of its views and location. It is situated on the side of Sentosa Island, off the southernmost part of Singapore. Sentosa Golf Club has two 18-hole courses, the Serapong and Tanjong course. Serapong golf course is a sweet haven for golf enthusiast in the country. It is where the Singapore Open is annually hosted and the place itself has received honours in the world of golf. It was awarded the Best Venue Host in the Asian Tour, and named as the Number One course in Asia.

Marina Bay Golf Site

Opened in 2006, this 18-hole golf site is open to the community, and thus a good starting point for beginners at the game or those who need easily-accessible grounds. Marina Bay golf promises not only to provide excitement even to champion golfers in Singapore, but it also gives them a stunning view the country’s business district horizon.

Familiarizing Singapore’s MRT

Transportation is part of life. Without it, you cannot reach your destination. There are countries that discourage the use of private cars because it can congest the roads, contribute to air pollution and diminish world’s fuel supply. These countries encourage a mass transport instead. Singapore is one of these countries that support mass transportation. They have this Mass Rapid Transit (MRT). Their MRT has 102 stations that cover 148.9 km of lines which is operated by SMRT Corporation and SBS Transit. SMRT Corp and SBS Transit also operate buses and taxi. With this, Singapore’s public transport services are fully integrated.


If you want to know more about MRT, here’s a glimpse:


MRT stations are designed to withstand possible aerial bomb attacks. It can also serve as bomb shelters. Phone service is available between stations in the entire MRT network. Stations are air conditioned with LED TVs, Passenger Service Center and Ticketing Machines. Restrooms are available. There are stations with convenience stores, shops, ATM, kiosks, etc.


MRT will experience series of expansion to further accommodate commuters in the years to come. The expansion plans will replace the bus network. Lines like Downtown Line, Downtown Line Extension, Eastern Region Line and North South Line Extension are under construction.


Fares are determined by profit based corporations but it is still regulated by the Public Transport Council (PTC). The PTC will ensure that the fares are reasonable.


MRT management is strict about eating and drinking. If you are caught or seen eating and drinking on any MRT in Singapore, you would pay a fine of S$500. If you carry flammable goods, you will pay up to S$5000. Smoking is a big no. You will be fined S$1000.