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Common Hair Salon Services You Need to Try

Most people would do everything—even go through pain—to become beautiful. Fortunately there is a part of the body that doesn’t need to go under a needle to transform the way you look: your hair. In fact, the hair business is a billion-dollar industry in the world, including Singapore, which has its share of specialized hair salons.
These are the most common services you will find in any hair salon in Singapore.

Haircut is the most basic of any hair salon service and refers to the style of the hair’s cut. There are as many haircut styles for men and women that you can think of. They are classified, however, into 13 categories; these are blunt, layered, bobs and lobs, pixie, shag, long layers, pompadour or comb-over, Mohawk or faux hawk, scissor cut (for men), wedge, fade, asymmetrical, and undercut. The best hair salon in Singapore has stylists who will be able to recommend the best hair cut for your face.
Shampoo and Blow-Out or Set
Most hair salon in Singapore also have shampoo and blow-out or set services if you want to get that “salon look” you can’t have at home. A lot of women love the look of a freshly blow-dried hair, but are unable to do it themselves in front of a mirror. Shampoo and set, on the other hand, refers to the hair styling treatment that uses a setting lotion applied on hair placed in hair rollers. It’s like having temporary waves instead of permanent curls. These services are quite useful for special events like parties, weddings and other celebrations if you need to have your hair styled professionally.
Hair Conditioning
Most hair salons in Singapore like a good hair stylist in Far East Plaza in Singapore also do hair conditioning to treat different problems. Examples of hair conditioning are the following: oil (almond, olive or coconut oil), acid rinses such as vinegar and lemon juice to close cuticle scales, leave-in for greasy or curly hair, conditioning creams which are made from emulsions to close broken scales, deep-acting for extremely damaged hair, restructurites for weakened and over-styled hair, high frequency that uses a glass vacuum and metal electrode, and H-F treatment which uses an alternating electric current on the scalp. Talk to your stylist at the best salon in Singapore about these different options and what you need for your hair problem.
Hair Coloring and Highlights
Hair coloring or hair dyeing is the changing of the hair color, while highlights refer to the changing of the hair’s color by applying a lightener on a few strands. These procedures are done to hide or cover graying hair or to follow hair fashion trends. The hair dye contains basic ingredients such as ammonia and hydrogen peroxide; the former separates the cuticle to allow the dye to penetrate hair, while the latter removes the sulfur from the hair. Meanwhile, hair highlighting has four basic types, namely; hair painting, foil, chunking, and frosting. Highlights use either unnatural or natural colors based on the customer’s preference. If you’re not sure which method will work best for you, talk to the stylist in the hair salon so he/she can explain the differences.

Hair Relaxing and Straightening
Hair relaxing and straightening are quite popular among Asian women who want to have shiny, super-straight locks. Hair relaxing uses a relaxer, which is a cream or lotion that relaxes the strands of curly or wavy hair. The procedure, however, doesn’t produce permanently straight hair and the customer must keep maintaining the hair after the process. Hair rebonding is also a chemical treatment procedure similar to hair relaxing, but the cream or lotion breaks down the hair structure instead so that it can be straightened permanently using heat.
Hair relaxation is a shorter procedure than the tedious rebonding process, so you will have to talk to your stylist about the advantages and disadvantages of choosing one over the other. The best hair salon in Singapore will be able to tell you if your hair type can withstand a rebonding process or not, because there is always the risk of breakage and hair loss.
Hair Treatment
Most hair salon have devised their signature all-natural hair treatments that can solve most hair problems that resulted from over-styling. The most popular types are keratin hair treatment, protein hair treatment, hair gloss, hair thinning or loss treatment, and hot oil massage. Keratin treatment is used for frizzy and unkempt hair, while protein hair treatment transforms dull and brittle hair. Hair gloss treatment is recommended for rough and discolored hair, hair loss treatment uses exfoliation of the scalp and stimulation of hair growth, and hot oil massage lubricates hair and locks in moisture.
Eyebrow and Eyelash Services
Most hair stylists haven’t overlooked the importance of the eyebrows and eyelashes when it comes to styling. Several hair salon in Singapore also have eyebrow and eyelash services that will trim, shape, wax or sugar, and extend the other two most important sets of hairs on your head.
Beard Styling
Some hair salon in Singapore now offer beard styling for male customers who are thinking of growing, trimming and styling their facial hair. The beard, or some parts of it, are just as difficult to maintain as a lady’s long flowing locks. Talk to your stylist at the hair salon to get an idea about the right facial hair style for your face, whether you want to be clean-shaven or you want to try the high-maintenance Bandholz.
Bridal Services
The best hair salon in Singapore also has a bridal package that includes stylist consultation, hair styling, makeup, manicure and pedicure, and even a facial and massage. Some hair salons also include the groom, the parents, and the entourage in the package so that you will all look your best on your most important day.

5 Expert Tips to Get Glowing Skin

“How do you get a perfectly glowing skin?” is one of the many skincare subjects that we’ll never get tired of talking about. Whether we’re chatting about our favourite serums with our friends or quizzing our dermatologist about the best retinols, it’s just a topic that never really gets tabled. And to answer your question, we asked some of the expert facialists to spill the secrets – from diet tips to the most crucial skincare tips – on how you can really get a perfect glowing skin.


  1. Replace Your Midday Coffee. Know the phrase, ‘You are what you eat?’ Well, it’s partly true because what you snack on actually affects your skin. So instead of drinking your afternoon cup of Joe, try taking something rich in nutrients like green juices instead. Apart from being a healthy replacement for coffee, it’ll also help in giving you glowing skin that you want in just a matter of days. Plus, it also aids in stimulating your lymphatic drainage and oxygenating your skin, giving you a de-puffing effect.


  1. Never Skip Omega-3. Apart from being healthy for the heart, Omega-3s are also essential to keep your skin healthy. The key here is to add foods that hold this superstar fatty acid into your diet. Snacking on a bowl of walnuts, or adding some flaxseeds on your salad is already enough to boost your Omega-3 and increase your skin’s ability to hold onto moisture.


  1. Exfoliate Always. Proper skin exfoliation is one of the secret weapons to having great skin. Think of this skincare habit as way to create a perfect canvas for your makeup and other beauty products. You could be investing in the most expensive and amazing skincare products, but without proper skin exfoliation, those products won’t be able to penetrate your skin and make any difference at all.


  1. Get Facial Frequently. This is one tip that you’ll definitely love. Experts suggest getting facials once a month because nothing you do at home can replace the professional attention, exfoliation and extraction done to you at facial spas.


  1. Perform an At-Home Facial Massage. If the former seems quite impossible to do, then we suggest that you give yourself an at-home facial massage instead. Massage your face in a gentle circular upward motion, towards your jaw, the sides of your face and around your eye area. This massaging technique will help coax nutrients into your tissues, giving you glowing and healthy-looking skin.

Getting a perfect, glowing skin is actually easy. All you’ve got to do is eat healthy foods, use the right products, practise good skincare habits and you’ll be rewarded with healthy-looking skin.


Best Face Masks That Work in Less Than Five Minutes

It’s no secret: Sometimes we only have five minutes to spare for us to look our best. Whether we’re preparing ourselves in the morning, or transforming our look from day-at-the-office to night out-ready, lacklustre skin is just one of the few things that can’t be fixed in a single step. Not until now. With the following face masks, it’s now possible to get your skin in its tip-top shape in no more than five minutes. Still not convinced? Then grab one of these products now and see for yourself.


  1. Philosophy Purity Made Simple Mask. Although this product seems – and feels – strange at first glance, it is surely a face mask that you’ll love. Upon application to the skin, the mask’s thick gel-like texture turns to a silky, almost oily and warm consistency. Leave the mask on for 60 seconds or more, then rinse to reveal your glowing and thoroughly cleansed skin – courtesy of a formula that uses sea salt to purge impurities and add radiance in just one use.


  1. M-16 Fast Blast. Just as stated in its name, this mask is a blast to the sense thanks to its vitamin-packed formula that makes the skin beaming with its newfound clarity. All it takes is two minutes for the exfoliating treatment’s brightening magic to work. What’s more amazing is it also contains glycerine and aloe, making it an ideal face mask even for those with sensitive skin.


  1. Malin + Goetz Detox Face. Into deep facial cleansing? Then this face mask is perfect for you. This mask does it all: from purifying your pores to firming the skin to reversing signs of skin aging and even to removing makeup. Truly a great product to achieve clearer, smoother and detoxified skin in less than five minutes.


  1. Lancôme Hydra-Intense Masque. Moisturizing your skin is one thing, but keeping it moisturized throughout the day is an entirely different story. So if you’re in dire need of a serious dose of skin hydration, turn to this face mask to transform your parched skin with an instant moisture infusion.


  1. Fresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask. This face mask is among the favourites, and that’s for all the good reasons. It’s a fast-acting and an antioxidant-rich mask that’s a godsend for all the skin types. Just apply it all over your face and watch it reveal a softer, more radiant skin in just a span of five minutes.

Now that these face masks are already out in the market, achieving that clear, smooth and glowing skin has become easier than perfecting your cat eyeliner. So get your hands on these face masks now to achieve that fairer glowing skin in just a span of five minutes.


Stuffs That Every Girl Carries in Her Purse

Guys are sometimes confused on how girls have to carry all of those crazy things with them whenever they are out of the house. Well girls have a lot of things to make sure that they are always presentable and prepared in all circumstances. Here are the things that the girls have in their purses that forgetting even one of it will make them feel nuisance the whole day.


1. Compact Powder

A day with no powder on a girls face will definitely make her feel unattractive the whole day. Especially when she needs to meet someone, a boyfriend or a person in work, she badly needs it. It just makes herself look fresh and it gives her enough confidence to face all the people.

2. Lip gloss / Lipstick

Same as the compact powder, this is for aesthetic purposes. Girls don’t like others see them with pale lips and worst is having a chapped lips. They feel like it is a major turn off for all the guys that they will meet.

3. Tissue and Sanitizers

Girls are so delicate in terms of being clean. Most of them don’t want to have the germs touching their hands. And of course they need something to dry their hands and private area after using the comfort room, just to make sure that everything is sanitary.


4. Sanitary Napkins / Tampons

Girls are always prepared for their monthly periods. It is so hassle to have it while they are out of the house.  It will be a horror for them to get stains while there on the mall or somewhere.

5. Money

Girls will never ever forget to bring their money whenever they are out of the house. Compare to the boys, they always have the urge to spend more money for a dress, shoes and of course they always want to eat out. They always want to hangout with their friends in the coffee shops just to have a little chitchat.

6. Comb and Ponytails

Girls are always ready for a bad hair day. Whenever they feel it, they can change their hairstyle whatever and whenever they want it. It really depends on their mood.