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Unexpected Health and Beauty Benefits of Garlic


Garlic is popular as a cooking ingredient and whether you like the smell or not, it does more good than harm. Garlic exists for unexpected reasons. It is time that you acknowledge it and not think of superficial things like garlic breath. Here are some unexpected health and beauty benefits of garlic:

It can end hair loss problems

Garlic can in fact end your hair loss problems. You have to know that garlic contains high levels of a sulphur compound called allicin. Allicin in garlic is similar to that of onions. It can effectively treat hair loss. To start, rub sliced garlic gloves on your scalp. If you want, you can add oil together with garlic as you massage your scalp.

It can banish blemishes

The good news is that garlic can also banish blemishes. This is new to you because it is not your usual ingredient in over-the-counter acne medications. From now on, be informed that garlic can serve as your natural remedy to banish unwanted blemishes. Garlic contains antioxidants that can effectively kill bacteria. So, when you are free, try to rub garlic clove on your people as your topical treatment.

It can boost immune system

It was mentioned earlier that garlic contains antioxidants. These antioxidants are effective in boosting immune system. If your immune system is strong, you can keep away from colds. If in case you already have the cold, the best way is to sip garlic tea. Yes, garlic tea. Mince garlic and put it in hot water for minutes then start straining it before drinking. If you want more flavour, do not forget to add honey.

It can relieve psoriasis outbreak

If you have psoriasis outbreak, the best thing that you can do is to try rubbing garlic oil. Garlic has anti-inflammatory properties that can help relieve the itch or the rashes.

It can treat athlete’s foot

Garlic also has anti-fungal property that can help treat athlete’s foot. Many Singaporeans swore this works. It can also relieve the itch. Put minced garlic in warm water and then soak your feet.

Now that you know the health and beauty benefits of garlic, it is time that you buy it. Garlics here in Singapore are not that expensive so do not worry. You only need to ask if you want to find it easily. Do not ignore garlics because it can make a difference at the end of the day. Garlic is indeed small but it should never be underestimated.

When is the Best Time to Drink Coffee?


Your day will not be complete without coffee whether you chugged one at breakfast in your house or will chug it when you come to work. It is undeniable that coffee gives you life and you are addicted to it. There are different schools of thought when you ask if coffee is beneficial to one’s health.

One camp will say that coffee can deter growth and development plus it can encourage heavy dependency on caffeine which is not at all healthy. The other camp will simply say that coffee is beneficial in one’s health. No matter how you see coffee, it is important that you know the best time to drink it.

Nothing beats chugging coffee early morning. Patrons believe that it can give you the boost you need to become productive all throughout the day. What time of the day do you drink coffee? You will be surprised that there are best times to drink it for optimum effect. Drinking coffee between 8 and 9am is not actually recommended.

According to a research lead by Steven Miller from the University of Health Sciences in Bethesda, you have to know about the best time to drink coffee. But before anything else, you have to understand the concept of circadian clock. The body has a natural mechanism that is regulated by sunlight. This is called circadian clock.

The body’s clock will initially release first dose of cortisol between 8 or 9am. Cortisol is a stress hormone that makes one feel awake and alert. The body will again release between 12noon and 1pm then another between 5:30 or 6:30 pm. What does this mean? This simply means that if you are chugging cups of coffee during these times, the caffeine stimulation will surely be reduced because there is already cortisol in your system.

What if the caffeine can increase your production of cortisol? This instance can upset your circadian rhythm. If you continuously drink caffeine, you are increasing your tolerance for it and it can even dull tolerance. Knowing this, the next big question is what is the best time to chug a cup of coffee?

The best time to chug a coffee is between 9:30 to 11:30am in the morning – that is if you prefer drinking early. In the afternoon, the best time to chug a coffee is between 1:30pm and 5pm. Why is this? Cortisol during these times drop which means your cup of caffeine can be of great help. Aside from that, it will not surely interfere with your circadian.

Living With Different Types of Allergies


There is no cure for allergies. What’s even worse is that if it’s in your genes, you can’t do anything about it. For most people with allergies, the best way to cope is to set a routine and make rules to avoid symptoms.

Here are the most common allergies and how to avoid them.


Allergies to Animals


If you have pets but are allergic to animal hair for example, there is always a risk even if the animal is no longer at home. Children who are exposed to pets at an early age develop lower risks of having allergies. But when you’re an adult, the least you can do is to decrease the symptoms you suffer from allergies.


Always wash your hands after you touch your pets. They must have a space of their own for sleeping and eating that are separate from the humans’. Keep your house clean and well-ventilated always. Grooming your pets should be done by other family members or at a pet salon.


Allergic Rhinitis


This type of allergy can be a nuisance at work or school. The best way to reduce incidences is through preventive measures. Its symptoms are similar to cold so make sure first that it’s allergic rhinitis. When not managed properly, the symptoms can become severe over time.

Take antihistamines and rinse nasal passages with a solution of salt and water every day. You can use mild nasal sprays as well. If you’re going out, avoid irritants by using face masks.


Food Allergies


If you already know which food you’re allergic to, the simplest way to avoid the symptoms is to avoid the food. If you’re not sure however, be mindful of what you eat because some symptoms can be life-threatening. Get a skin or blood test to determine which food you’re allergic to.


Read labels and ask questions. Know how the food is prepared and what its ingredients are. Let your family members and friends know what food you should avoid so that the next time you’re at a restaurant or party, they will consider your diet. A lot of people are allergic to peanuts, eggs, wheat and some seafood. Always keep medication handy if symptoms start to appear.


Skin Allergies


Skin allergies are also quite common. Allergens cause redness, itching and bumps or rashes. The most common allergens are found in the type of clothing and jewelry you wear and the chemicals that make contact with your skin.


You should read the labels of your clothes, body products and even the chemicals used at home like cleaning formulas. Avoid cosmetics that have fragrances and preservatives. If you like perfumes but you’re allergic, it’s safer not to use one anymore. Some people are allergic to gold, nickel, and cobalt chloride so you might have to let go of some of your jewelry. Make sure your doctor is also aware if you’re allergic to antibiotics.

6 Signs You Might be Lactose Intolerant


Does your stomach feel weird after eating ice cream or drinking milk? If your tummy gets upset after having dairy products, you might be suffering from lactose intolerance.

Man with abdominal pain in stomach holding hands on his belly

According to health experts in Singapore, people with this condition lack lactase enzyme, which breaks down and aids the body absorb lactose, the sugar found in dairy products. If lactose is not digested properly, it can cause uncomfortable symptoms in the colon. Could you be one of lactose intolerant people? Here are some signs to look out for.

  1. Your stomach aches and makes sounds.

Without the enzyme lactase your body attempts t breakdown the lactose on its own, drawing a lot of water into your intestine—in addition to the excessive gas in your gut. The result is an upsetting combination of cramps, diarrhea, and rumbling sound in your belly, also known as borborygmi.

  1. You feel sick after consuming dairy.

People with lactose intolerance usually feel sick a few hours after having any dairy product. If you consistently feel nauseous shortly after consuming lactose, that could be a sign of lactose intolerance.

  1. You remove lactose from your diet and noticed a difference.

Try to go vegan and remove any form of dairy from your diet for a week. If you notice that your stomach problems subside and you feel a lot better, it could be a sign that lactose is causing the discomfort.


  1. You regularly feel bloated and gaseous.

You will know instantly when the yogurt you just had an hour ago is not digesting properly, you’ll feel it in your bloated abdomen. Lack of lactase, lactose travels down your intestine, and your body’s good bacteria will try to break then down through fermentation, which produces a lot of extra gas in the stomach.

  1. You belong in an ethnicity with higher rates of lactose intolerance.

One form of lactose intolerance is determined by genetics. Though this has widely spread in large parts of Caucasia regions, Southeast Asians and African populations have much higher rates of adult lactose intolerance.

  1. Taking lactase supplement makes you feel a lot better.

This one is pretty obvious. If you need the help of lactase supplement to make you feel better, it simply means your body cannot properly digest lactose on its own. A couple of drops or a tablet of this non-prescription med taken before meal is a simple relied for any lactose-caused discomfort.

Lactose intolerance isn’t life-threatening, but it does make life a bit upsetting. Make it easier for your body by being aware of the signs and symptoms, and talking to a healthcare professional for diagnosis and treatment.


Getting a ‘Thigh Gap’ Through Coolsculpting

Even if we resist eating sweets and hit the gym every day, there are many of us who still can’t get rid of the packets of fat in your inner thighs, which—especially now that it’s summer—could really make us girls feel conscious when we’re wearing shorts, a bikini, or anything that exposes our legs and thighs.



However, with the advancement of cosmetic technology, experts now have found a way to get rid of stubborn fat without the need for extensive surgery. Coolsculpting, a non-invasive, FDA-approved treatment, has been proven effective in reducing the amount of fat in certain areas of the body, including the inner and outer thighs. Through freezing the fat cells in your thigh area, this procedure can give you leaner, more sculpted legs you’ll feel confident showing off.


Can You Really Freeze the Fat Away

Yes. Although the idea of freezing the fat sounds strange, this is how coolsculpting gets rid of the fats in the inner thighs to reveal the thigh gap. Compared to liposuction, the treatment can make your thighs look slimmer without going through the extensive process of surgery and recovery.


So, how does it work? The machine used for this procedure cools down the target area to freeze the fat cells in the thighs, a process called cryolipolysis. As the cells freeze, they die and get eliminated from the body gradually. Best of all, this procedure involves no incisions or injections and, most importantly, no downtime. You can immediately go back to your normal routine right after the procedure.


For the most part of the treatment, you will just be sitting and relaxing. Your physician will use an applicator that’s suitable for the contours of your thighs. In case you are not sure, Astique can help with coolsculpting your body in Singapore and since fat cells are more susceptible to extremely cold temperature than other tissues in the target area, they are frozen and dies off while the surrounding cells continue to operate normally. In the next three weeks to four months, your body gets rid of the crystallized fat, leaving your with slender legs. Depending on the size of the packets of fat you want removed, you may need several sessions to achieve desired results.


More Than One Treatment

For some patients, a fat reduction of 20 percent is enough to achieve optimum result. But for others, more work may be required to get the desired outcome.


During the consultation, your doctor will ask about your personal expectations from the treatment and whether they are achievable with this sculpting method. If your doctor finds that you’re a good fit for the procedure but needs to reduce more than 20 percent of fat, you will have to work together to come up with a treatment plan that may require two or more sessions. It is 100 percent safe to undergo multiple coolsculpting treatments, provided that they are well-spaced out to avoid too much stress to the treated part of the body.


What to Expect With Your Thigh After Coolsculpting

Coolsculpting is FDA-approved to kill fat cells, and has proven to reduce fats in the inner and outer thigh by 20 percent in four to six months. In FDA researches and trials, 86 percent of patients saw dramatic reduction of fat in their thigh area in a span of four months. The results gradually appear and lasted for years, as long as you maintain a healthy diet.



So, what can you expect after the treatment? In as little as three weeks, your legs should have smaller bulges and more sculpted appearance. And when full result is achieved, usually after four months, you should feel more confident with the way you look in the clothes you wear. Your main goal for this procedure is to feel happy and comfortable in your own skin.


Is Coolsculpting Right for You

Coolsculpting is perfect for almost anyone who wants to reduce the amount of fat in their thighs. However, it’s not a weight loss solution. Rather, it’s for people who are already living a quite active lifestyle, but can’t get rid of stubborn fat on their inner thigh area no matter what diet and exercise they do.


If you are among those busy people in Singapore who doesn’t have the luxury of time for an extensive recovery period, coolsculpting if your best alternative to surgical fat-reduction procedures. Likewise, if the idea of having to undergo a surgery frightens you and makes you feel uncomfortable, you can relax knowing that the sculpting procedure involves no needs or incisions. Your physician only needs to make sure that you have enough packet of fat for the applicator to create suction.


How Long Do Results Last

Patients in Singapore have reported to see results as early as four weeks after the treatment, and full results seen typically within four to six months. Since the frozen fat cells are permanently eradicated, results are expected to last for a lifetime. However, weight gain is still possible as the remaining fat cells in the area can still expand if proper diet is not observed. When fat cells are flushed out of the body and thigh area appears leaner, you can maintain the results with healthy diet and regular exercise.


Advice for Women Having the Procedure

As mentioned, coolsculpting is ideal for people who do not want to take time off from their day-to-day lives. There are no incisions, needles, and drugs involved. After an hour of lying comfortably, reading a book or listening to music, the treatment is done.


Coolsculpting is not just any treatment; it is FDA-approved and has been proven effective by many patients in Singapore. So if you are looking for a treatment that can give you the most coveted thigh gap sans the hassle of traditional fat-reduction procedure, coolsculpting in Singapore is your safest and most effective choice.


Choosing the Right Water Ionizer to Buy

Deciding which water ionizer to buy can be a tough thing to do, especially when you’re surrounded with a plethora of choices. We know that it is a burden to pinpoint one, that’s why we’re here to give you tips on what to look for when shopping for an alkaline water ionizer.

When picking an ionizer, the number one priority to keep in mind, along with the six more below, is whether the ionizer can produce the same quality of ionized water for a long period of time. Why? It’s because your long-term goal is to improve you and your family’s health. To help you with this major health investment, here’s a checklist of the criteria you need to look for in every product you come across with.


 Credibility of the Provider

Among the top qualifications to consider is the credibility of the provider that produces the ionizing water filter. Look up in Google for reviews and background check the Singapore provider you’re eyeing. Has the company made quality products from the time it started in the industry? If so, is it consistent? Does the company create their own products or they simply outsource them and stamp their name on each of their products? Generally speaking, companies that make their own products produce better quality ionizing machines than those that do not.

 Quality of the Product

The physical look may not affect the filtered water; but since the machine will be displayed for years in your home, the look and feel should still be considered when buying one. Many know that in Singapore, alkaline water is good for health and they would also prefer to have an aesthetically pleasing unit in their homes.

More importantly, apart from the look, it is what’s under the hood that greatly matters. If you have a bigger family and plans to fill 10 gallons of water a day, make sure your ionizer can support the load. Some alkaline water ionizer out there easily overheats because the electrolysis chamber and the transformer are undersized. If it’s just a few gallons, a machine with smaller surface area may suffice.

 Transformer and Electrolysis Chamber

As mentioned, the transformer and electrolysis chamber are the major parts of an ionizing water filter. So, it’s crucial to know how the transformer and chamber should look like when buying an ionizer. A good rule of thumb is that these two parts should be large enough to handle 10 gallons of water a day. Also, the surface area of the platinum plates should be taken into account. The larger the plates and the transformer, the more potent alkaline ionized water is produced at a time. A surface area of 200 square inches is a good place to start.

 The Filter

Ideally, filters should last around 2,500 gallons of use. However, some companies design their filters to only last about a thousand of gallons, maybe because they want to make money out of selling filters to their clients every six months or so. Secondly, make sure that your water filter is designed to sift majority of the junk found in tap water, such as rust, chlorine, arsenic, mercury, and fluoride if possible.


 Solid Plate and Mesh Plate

Mesh plating is essentially a machine stamp of solid platinum, thus creating a larger surface. However, the stamping creates holes where minerals can build up if left unattended. Moreover, the titanium is exposed because of the stamping process unless the plates are dipped in platinum. On the other hand, solid plates are thicker and more rigid compared to mesh plates, and there’s no stamping applied. Unlike the mesh plating, titanium isn’t exposed meaning that every drop of water that passes over the plate is used for production.

 Ability to Produce Strong Alkaline and Acid Water

Perhaps, the best benefit of having your own water ionizing machine is being able to produce strong alkaline and acid waters. When shopping for an ionizing machine, keep in mind that not all can make strong water. If a Singapore company claim that their product does, then ask about the maximum pH levels for acidic and alkaline waters. For acid water, the strongest should be anywhere between 3.0 and 2.5 for elimination of viruses and bacteria; while for alkaline, the strongest should be between 11.0 and 11.5 for effective removal of insecticides and pesticide on fruits and vegetables.

In conclusion, always remember that the very reason why you’re purchasing an ionizer is because of its many health benefits. Paying a few more dollars for an alkaline water ionizer that serves its purpose well is a far better decision than settling for the cheapest one.


Hangover Schedule: What to Do When Hangover Strikes  


We were invited by a co-worker for some light drinking but it turned out to be fun so we just kept on drinking until we cannot drink no more. The drinking is intensified because of the laughter and the stories. When we wake up the next morning, we regret the drinking but not the companions.


This picture is always happening but we would not miss the booze for the world especially if we are with the people we like. The challenge here now is how to lessen the effects of hangover. Consuming plenty of alcohol affects the pituitary gland. This gland will stop the production of chemical called vasopressin (the hormone responsible for the increasing of water absorption).

When we experience hangover, it is the body telling us that we need more water. The common symptoms of hangover include dry mouth, nausea and headache. We have to know that the headache is a result of dehydration. These symptoms are very inconvenient especially if we have a job the next morning. The fortunate thing is that we can follow a detoxification schedule if we want to get better the next day.

Here is the schedule:

  • At 3am: As much as we want to go to bed, it is important that we take aspirin first. The aspirin is effective in easing the blood flow. It can also help in cleansing the toxins in the body.


  • At 9am: When we open our eyes and find that it is 9am, whether we go to work or not, we have to drink lots of water. Waking up is the body’s way of telling us how dehydrated we are. It is unpleasant to move but we have to deal with the pain to be better. If we find ourselves hungry, banana is the best food.
  • At 12nn: At 12 noon, the body needs to eat. We might still feel nauseous but we have to eat. Experts say that eggs are beneficial for those with hangover since it contain cysteine (which is responsible for breaking down toxins from alcohol). We can also try Gatorade or other energy drink.
  • At 3pm: At 3pm, it is expected that we feel better. The nausea and the headache ought to be gone by now and if they are not, we have to drink more water.
  • At 6pm: A hot shower or bubble will do wonders this time.

Now, it is up to us to follow the given schedule. If we want to get better and functional the next day, it is imperative that we follow the schedule suggested above. If not, we will deal with the inconvenience and see where it takes us.


5 Subtle Signs You’re Too Stressed Out  


Manic Mondays are a common scenario. But if you’re experiencing chronic stress—regularly suffering assaults of stress hormones due to demanding job or personal life—chances are, health symptoms may be subtler and unnoticeable. If you experience any of these signs, take some time off—whether it’s going on a weekend vacation or just a short walk outside during a coffee break.


  1. Severe Menstrual Cramps

Bad menstrual cramps are triggered when severely stressed out. According to research, the most stressed-out women are twice as likely to experience painful period cramps compared to those who with manageable stress levels. Hitting the gym before the period lessens chances of bad cramps and production of stress hormones cortisol by decreasing the activities of sympathetic nervous system.

  1. Bleeding Gums

Constant high levels of cortisol may weaken the immune system, allowing bacteria to easily invade delicate areas of the body such as the gums. If working long hours and often eating your meals while working, always brush your teeth every after meal. And make sure to sleep more and have regular exercise to help lower stress and protect dental health.

  1. Pimples and Acne

If out of nowhere you’re experiencing breakouts, unless you have sensitive skin, you might be under too much stress lately. Aside from minimizing stress-causing activities, take extra care of your skin by using facial products with salicylic acid to kill bacteria and dry out pimple and acne in no time.

Acne facial care teenager woman squeezing pimple

  1. Sweet Cravings

Your lady hormones aren’t the only reason why you might be craving for chocolates—stress is a more potent trigger. Stress makes the body burn energy twice as fast than normal. When the body runs out of energy, it will naturally demand to be refuelled with high energy foods. As the stress levels increase, the demand for sweets and other ‘junk’ foods amplifies as well.

  1. Stomach-Aches

Stress and anxiety can cause stomach-aches, along with backaches, headaches, and insomnia. Although the exact connection is still unclear, one theory says that the brain and the intestine share the same nerve pathway—when the brain is stressed out, the intestine picks up some of the signal. Because of the said link, managing stress through meditation, clinical psychologist, and regular exercise can help relieve bellyaches.

If you happen to experience any of the aforementioned signs, it’s time to step back and start making changes in your lifestyle. Do something that you know will loosen you up, and always go for the healthier option at all times.