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Photography: Establishing Intimacy With Your Subject

In taking the perfect photo, understanding the level of intimacy you have with your subject is very important. We already know about intimacy yet some of us are unaware that we already possess this knowledge when it comes to photographs. Capturing the perfect photo with the perfect understanding of what you actually want to portray may be quite difficult at first but once you are able to learn how to portray the type of intimacy you are aiming for, everything would then turn into a walk in the park as you are not only able to express yourself, but also capture perfection.

Once you understand the relationship between you and your subject, you’ll then find the perfect angle and the perfect distance for you to take the photo. The angle of the photo is something which some people do not understand is important. Whether it be uplifting your subject or looking with wider scope, there are so many things you can do to communicate through your photo.

Ever looked at a certain scene or subject and think to yourself, I would love for people to see exactly what I see but then when you take a picture, you end up disappointed? Well, maybe this is because of the angle. Maybe you’ve taken the picture with the wrong angle. Maybe looking at the subject or scene with another angle would change everything and might even elevate your subject into a position of higher importance or higher quality. This is the beauty of photography, it allows us to present things through the way we see it instead of the way they seem to be.

There aren’t many people who are good at expressing themselves through the photos they take. Why is that? Is it because they do not know how to portray the subject? Or is it because they themselves do not understand which perspective of the subject they should portray. There can be a thousand things rushing through your mind when it comes at looking at a single picture. From the closeness of the subject to the lens to the distance between the subject and the camera making them almost acquaintances, distance is very important.

The closer you are to the subject, the more intimate you obviously are. Now, how can you be sure when the subject is too close or too far? Well, you’ll never be. You just have to trust yourself when reason goes beyond all understanding. Sometimes art isn’t literal and sometimes crossing your boundaries puts you right where you should have been from the start. Sometimes the perfect picture requires more than your skill. Sometimes the perfect picture requires your honesty.