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First-Timer’s Guide to Camping


You have finally decided to try camping out for the first time. You are excited to spend some quality time with nature. You get giddy upon seeing those beautiful camping photos from brochures and national park websites.  You can’t wait to have your own photo in the wilderness, warmed by the bonfire while having your marshmallows toasted. This picture-perfect scene will be made possible if you prepare well enough to make it happen. The following guides for first-time campers are guaranteed to make your camping experience memorable.


  1. Learn how to assemble a tent. Tents do not automatically stand on their own. Luckily, tents come with an assembly instruction. Practice putting up your tent. Know all the parts and functions. After assembling the tent, make sure you are able to pack everything up again. Every detail of the tent is important. The whole thing is a package. Without this package, your camping experience will not push through.
  1. List down all the essentials. Bear in mind that camping is an adventure away from the luxuries you often enjoy when staying in a hotel. This means no neatly-folded hotel towels and toiletries are waiting for you in a bathroom. There are no fluffy pillows and soft blankets readily available for your comfort. Make a run-down of the activities that you will be doing in your scheduled camping. Write the corresponding necessities per activity. Review your list from time to time to check if you have missed out something.6a017c33595b1c970b01a3fd083301970b
  2. Stock enough food supplies. There will also be no mini-fridge which will be full of chocolate bars and fruit juices while you are in a camping activity. Plan all your meals. Take note of the number of persons and the number of days you are planning to stay. If you are planning a cookout, be sure to properly store the ingredients until such time that these are ready to be cooked. If you are planning to pre-cook the meals so that the food will just have to be re-heated during mealtimes at camp, be sure also to bring enough ice to keep the meals from being spoiled.
  3. Plan games and activities. Read up on fun, interactive games you can do with your companions at camp. Think of activities that will interest everyone. Camping is a good avenue to connect with nature. It is likewise a good time to set the gadgets aside and to just enjoy the feeling of togetherness with loved ones through creative activities.
  4. Familiarize with the routes. A camp site is a designated area for people who wish to be secluded from the city buzz. A camp site is rarely visited by passers-by and on-lookers. Be sure to get yourself a map indicating the routes and emergency contact numbers. If possible, schedule a visit before the actual camping date. Knowing that you have familiarized yourself with the camp area will give you peace of mind as your adventure unfolds!

Your first well-planned camping adventure will successfully get you more attuned with nature. It will give you the perfect chance to appreciate and marvel nature’s beauty. It will give you the moment of bliss while experiencing the life outdoors!

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