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Beliefs That Might Be Holding You Back at Work

There’s just a lot to be said for being confident at work. Yet, that same self-assuredness isn’t that easy to come in a professional setting – especially with a little voice at the back of our heads spewing some negative beliefs about ourselves. So what’s the first step to silencing and countering those beliefs? It’s knowing the lies that the voice is telling you. For that reason, we listed down some of the beliefs that could be keeping you from reaching your full potential in your career.

1. Believing You Can’t Do It
In your professional life, there will be a lot of challenges and new tasks that’ll force you to step out of your comfort zone – which is why it’s only normal to doubt yourself when you’re attempting to tackle something that’s completely foreign to you. Yet, it’s crucial that you push through and don’t give in into this self-defeating attitude. If you need some reassurance before taking that leap, simply ask yourself as to what’s the worst thing that could possibly happen. Chances are, it won’t be as bad as you imagined it to be.
2. Thinking Everyone is Better Than You
Perhaps you’re a newbie in your office or maybe you feel too inexperienced to start your own business. Whatever your specific circumstances is, there’s absolutely no point in obsessing over someone else’s talents and experience – or your lack thereof. You’ve been placed in your position for a reason. You have your own set of skills that bring significant value to the table. So avoid constantly comparing yourself against another person, since that comparison game won’t help you get to where you want to be.

3. Sticking to a Routine
While it’s advantageous to have a reliable routine, you certainly wouldn’t want to get stuck in your ways and never be willing to make any necessary adjustments. Remember, this is real life and various issues can come up. You can’t be obsessed over your rigid habits that you don’t have the flexibility to make changes when they’re needed. Your work life is flexible, and your approach needs to be as well.
4. Feeling Undervalued
It’s quite easy to feel undervalued when you’re a part of a big department. You only see your work, and you only have little to no understanding of how that work contributes to your company. This sort of attitude could make you feel irrelevant, causing all the hard work you put out to seem pointless. As frustrating as it could be, it’s important to remember that every employee is a piece of a larger puzzle. Always keep in mind that your work is valued and that you’re certainly making a difference in your company.

We all experience moments of self-doubt when it comes to our careers. But the important thing to remember is to keep those self-defeating beliefs in check. Stay consciously aware of it and you’re sure to take steps into the right direction.

Getting a ‘Thigh Gap’ Through Coolsculpting

Even if we resist eating sweets and hit the gym every day, there are many of us who still can’t get rid of the packets of fat in your inner thighs, which—especially now that it’s summer—could really make us girls feel conscious when we’re wearing shorts, a bikini, or anything that exposes our legs and thighs.



However, with the advancement of cosmetic technology, experts now have found a way to get rid of stubborn fat without the need for extensive surgery. Coolsculpting, a non-invasive, FDA-approved treatment, has been proven effective in reducing the amount of fat in certain areas of the body, including the inner and outer thighs. Through freezing the fat cells in your thigh area, this procedure can give you leaner, more sculpted legs you’ll feel confident showing off.


Can You Really Freeze the Fat Away

Yes. Although the idea of freezing the fat sounds strange, this is how coolsculpting gets rid of the fats in the inner thighs to reveal the thigh gap. Compared to liposuction, the treatment can make your thighs look slimmer without going through the extensive process of surgery and recovery.


So, how does it work? The machine used for this procedure cools down the target area to freeze the fat cells in the thighs, a process called cryolipolysis. As the cells freeze, they die and get eliminated from the body gradually. Best of all, this procedure involves no incisions or injections and, most importantly, no downtime. You can immediately go back to your normal routine right after the procedure.


For the most part of the treatment, you will just be sitting and relaxing. Your physician will use an applicator that’s suitable for the contours of your thighs. In case you are not sure, Astique can help with coolsculpting your body in Singapore and since fat cells are more susceptible to extremely cold temperature than other tissues in the target area, they are frozen and dies off while the surrounding cells continue to operate normally. In the next three weeks to four months, your body gets rid of the crystallized fat, leaving your with slender legs. Depending on the size of the packets of fat you want removed, you may need several sessions to achieve desired results.


More Than One Treatment

For some patients, a fat reduction of 20 percent is enough to achieve optimum result. But for others, more work may be required to get the desired outcome.


During the consultation, your doctor will ask about your personal expectations from the treatment and whether they are achievable with this sculpting method. If your doctor finds that you’re a good fit for the procedure but needs to reduce more than 20 percent of fat, you will have to work together to come up with a treatment plan that may require two or more sessions. It is 100 percent safe to undergo multiple coolsculpting treatments, provided that they are well-spaced out to avoid too much stress to the treated part of the body.


What to Expect With Your Thigh After Coolsculpting

Coolsculpting is FDA-approved to kill fat cells, and has proven to reduce fats in the inner and outer thigh by 20 percent in four to six months. In FDA researches and trials, 86 percent of patients saw dramatic reduction of fat in their thigh area in a span of four months. The results gradually appear and lasted for years, as long as you maintain a healthy diet.



So, what can you expect after the treatment? In as little as three weeks, your legs should have smaller bulges and more sculpted appearance. And when full result is achieved, usually after four months, you should feel more confident with the way you look in the clothes you wear. Your main goal for this procedure is to feel happy and comfortable in your own skin.


Is Coolsculpting Right for You

Coolsculpting is perfect for almost anyone who wants to reduce the amount of fat in their thighs. However, it’s not a weight loss solution. Rather, it’s for people who are already living a quite active lifestyle, but can’t get rid of stubborn fat on their inner thigh area no matter what diet and exercise they do.


If you are among those busy people in Singapore who doesn’t have the luxury of time for an extensive recovery period, coolsculpting if your best alternative to surgical fat-reduction procedures. Likewise, if the idea of having to undergo a surgery frightens you and makes you feel uncomfortable, you can relax knowing that the sculpting procedure involves no needs or incisions. Your physician only needs to make sure that you have enough packet of fat for the applicator to create suction.


How Long Do Results Last

Patients in Singapore have reported to see results as early as four weeks after the treatment, and full results seen typically within four to six months. Since the frozen fat cells are permanently eradicated, results are expected to last for a lifetime. However, weight gain is still possible as the remaining fat cells in the area can still expand if proper diet is not observed. When fat cells are flushed out of the body and thigh area appears leaner, you can maintain the results with healthy diet and regular exercise.


Advice for Women Having the Procedure

As mentioned, coolsculpting is ideal for people who do not want to take time off from their day-to-day lives. There are no incisions, needles, and drugs involved. After an hour of lying comfortably, reading a book or listening to music, the treatment is done.


Coolsculpting is not just any treatment; it is FDA-approved and has been proven effective by many patients in Singapore. So if you are looking for a treatment that can give you the most coveted thigh gap sans the hassle of traditional fat-reduction procedure, coolsculpting in Singapore is your safest and most effective choice.


Properties and Occurrence of Gold

Gold is a soft but dense bright yellow metal that has an atomic number of 79 in the periodic table of elements. Its symbol is Au which is derived from the Latin word aurum which literally means “gold”. It is one of the transition elements found in the periodic table. Pure gold is considered as the most ductile and malleable of all the metals that are currently known to man.



This means that it is very easy to draw it into a wire that is 62 miles or 100 kilometers long and hammer or beat it into a sheet that has a thickness of 0.000005 inches or 0.000013 centimeters and a weight of 12 oz or 29 grams. Gold is a good conductor of electricity and heat and is one of the softest metals (hardness rating of 2.5 to 3 out of 10) on Earth.


The metal has a high quality of sheen and is bright yellow in color. Like any other metallic powder, finely divided Gold is black in color. Gold powder that is suspended in a colloidal medium has a color that ranges from ruby red to purple. The metal is highly inactive.


Gold remains unaltered by heat, air, moisture and most existing solvents. Nonetheless, it will break down in aqueous mixtures that contain halogens such as bromides, chlorides and or a number of iodides. Gold also has a tendency to dissolve in a number of oxidizing mixtures such as aqua regia (which is a mixture of nitric and hydrochloric acids) and oxygen with cyanide ion.


The metal has a melting point of about 1947°F or 1064°C, a boiling point of around 5173°F or 2856°C, a specific gravity of 19.3 and an atomic weight of 196.97. Gold can be naturally found in secondary alluvial deposits and or in quartz veins either as a free metal or in a combined state. Even though the metal is considerably rare, being 75th in rank in terms of abundance of elements in the Earth’s crust, it is broadly dispersed throughout the world.


Gold is almost all the time associated with different amounts of silver (a naturally occurring gold and silver alloy is referred to as an electrum). Gold can also occur in chemical combinations with other elements and minerals. The metal has also been found in seawater to the extent of around 5 to 250 parts by weight to 100 million parts water.



Where Your Lovable Buddies are Created

Teddy Bear are one of a kind. There’s no object that can be compared to this lovely item. Because of its huggable, soft and tender form, teddy bear are used as a substitute to a boyfriend or girlfriend. Also, it can be a replacement of a pillow. But when you value it like there is no other thing like teddy bears, for sure, you will give it importance.


The question here is that, how they are made? Bear making is really a difficult task. However, it is fun and exciting. To start off, when you plan to make a teddy bear, choose what shape it is and how big. For instance, you will make a stuffed toy in the appearance of dog.

In Singapore, one of the famous stuffed toy makers is the Build-A-Bear WorkshopTM. Here, you can have a wide selection of designs and styles to choose form. From heart shape to dragon design, you can creat them as long as you listen to their simple instructions.


The Guide to Stuff Toy Making

Basically, stuff toys can be easily made. First, you will design and decide on what shape it will be. After you have come up with the design, you can start with sewing the main frame or the foundation of the toy. Be sure that there are no torn parts or holes that can possibly be the reason why it will be destroyed immediately. Next, insert some soft and cottony elements inside the toy to for its body – the more its filling are equally and tightly distributed, the more the object will be unbreakable. Then, stitch the part where you put the filling and presto! You have you buddy.



Stuffs That Every Girl Carries in Her Purse

Guys are sometimes confused on how girls have to carry all of those crazy things with them whenever they are out of the house. Well girls have a lot of things to make sure that they are always presentable and prepared in all circumstances. Here are the things that the girls have in their purses that forgetting even one of it will make them feel nuisance the whole day.


1. Compact Powder

A day with no powder on a girls face will definitely make her feel unattractive the whole day. Especially when she needs to meet someone, a boyfriend or a person in work, she badly needs it. It just makes herself look fresh and it gives her enough confidence to face all the people.

2. Lip gloss / Lipstick

Same as the compact powder, this is for aesthetic purposes. Girls don’t like others see them with pale lips and worst is having a chapped lips. They feel like it is a major turn off for all the guys that they will meet.

3. Tissue and Sanitizers

Girls are so delicate in terms of being clean. Most of them don’t want to have the germs touching their hands. And of course they need something to dry their hands and private area after using the comfort room, just to make sure that everything is sanitary.


4. Sanitary Napkins / Tampons

Girls are always prepared for their monthly periods. It is so hassle to have it while they are out of the house.  It will be a horror for them to get stains while there on the mall or somewhere.

5. Money

Girls will never ever forget to bring their money whenever they are out of the house. Compare to the boys, they always have the urge to spend more money for a dress, shoes and of course they always want to eat out. They always want to hangout with their friends in the coffee shops just to have a little chitchat.

6. Comb and Ponytails

Girls are always ready for a bad hair day. Whenever they feel it, they can change their hairstyle whatever and whenever they want it. It really depends on their mood.

Wedding Gown Tips

Known by many people as the “Cinderella” or “fairy tale” wedding gown, the ball gown is a popular gown style that is typically worn for large, formal weddings.


The Ball Gown Style

This style of wedding gown is ideal for brides whose singapore wedding theme on bridal romance centers on fairy tale, magic or fantasy. Since its design is similar to old gowns from centuries past, this style is most appropriate for traditional weddings in larger venues where the gown will suit the formality of the occasion.

Usually, the ball gown is made of a fitted brocade bodice and a full skirt, which can be a single piece or separates. With a glamorous top and a skirt that flares out or puffs up from the hips, this style of gown is both formal and dramatic.

Necklines and Sleeve Lengths

The ball gown style available in Singapore can work with several necklines and sleeve lengths. These two elements are changeable, and various combinations with research from bridal romance singapore can produce different looks to complement different wedding themes. For a very formal and traditional wedding, where the bride is expected to be highly covered, a portrait neckline and long sleeves is perfect. This way, the bride is dressed modestly while still featuring her femininity. Another dramatic option would be a strapless ball gown and opera length gloves. For a simple yet elegant look, a sleeveless, scooped neckline is a fabulous choice.


Another essential element that can enhance the overall look of a ball gown is the train, which is the part of a long gown that extends or spreads out onto the floor. Trains make a great part of a ball gown, and they come in different lengths. A sweep train – so named as it only “sweeps” the floor – has the shortest length. The longest is the royal cathedral train, which can extend for as long as 10 feet which is good for walking down a Singapore hotel aisle. There is also the Watteau train, which is attached to the shoulder blades of the bride instead of her waist and reaches the hem of the gown.



The ball gown style works with several fabric choices in highlighting the different aspects of the gown. For example, a chiffon or satin overlay can produce a sophisticated, stylish silhouette. A combination of a bodice with an intricate design of beads and lace work, plus a simple satin skirt can induce attraction to the upper body. A light and fluffy skirt can produce a floating effect.

Moreover, a ball gown’s volume is influenced by the materials used. A crinoline or a petticoat may be used to support the structure of the skirt. Materials for layering that includes taffeta, organza or tulle can also achieve different volumes.

Who is fit for the ball gown style?

The ball gown style is suitable for most Singapore body types. However, this style is most appropriate for slender brides or those with pear-shaped figure. Read bridal romance singapore for some help. This is for the reason that the full skirt accentuates the waist while hiding the lower body. For brides with large busts, a ball gown will help them achieve an hourglass body shape as the fitted bodice will give emphasis to their waistline.

Another Child Abuse Case

The damage has been done. A childcare teacher allegedly assaulted a three year old boy. The boy suffered fracture emotionally and physically. The parents said that for two successive nights, the boy always wakes up moaning, crying and screaming.

This is very painful to hear. The parents are now doubtful of sending their boy to any childcare centre. This is quite understandable because they don’t want their boy to suffer the same fate. The teacher was arrested because of this incident. She would answer to many people.


The boy is recuperating now but he will not forget the incident. If you are a parent, you should do your best to restore the vigour and excitement of your child when you talk about school. You can consider the following things:

Always ask your child about his/her day in school

You should ask your child about his/her day in school. You will know if the kid enjoyed school because usually there are endless sharing and talking. If your kid is silent and looks like worried or bothered, something happened and they don’t want you to know it. That is not a good indication.

If he/she is complaining about something, go to his/her teacher

If your kid is complaining about fellow students, you should go directly to his/her teacher and discuss about it. Bullying should not be encouraged especially in the classroom setting.

If he/she is complaining about the teacher, go to the principal

If your kid is complaining about the teacher, you should go directly to the principal. You should discuss about it because it might be a child abuse case.

It is crucial for children to love school but how can they love it when there are teachers and other classmates that scare them? As a parent, you should do your best to deal with it.

Dance Revolution in Singapore

Singapore is home to various dance repertoires stemming from its multicultural society. From classic, traditional dances to popular and modern ones, there is something you can watch and enjoy. You can begin by considering the following performances:



Bharatanatyam or the dance of fire is a famous dance from India, which has spread its popularity worldwide. To date, it is the most widely performed Indian dance. Bharatanatyam is an amalgamation of rhythm, music, expression and grace. The dance is famous because of the statue like poses that stresses every moment. Thanks to the Singapore Indian Fine Arts Society, which trains dancers of Bharatanatyam, performances can be seen at the Sri Srinivasa Temple.



ECNAD is actually “dance” when it is spelled backwards. The dance company is founded by Tan How Choon and Lim Chin Huat. ECNAD is comprised of 3 units- creative services, artistic development and education. For fourteen years, ECNAD created at least fifty works but their most recognized works include Missing in Tall Pillars, Metamorphosis and CampFire 2009.

Folk Dance


Folk dance has a simple, timely appeal. In Singapore, there are at least three ethnic communities with different folk dances: Indians feature courtesan dances that are insistent and graceful at the same time; Malay folk dances are a mixture of foreign influences; while Chinese folk dance often depicts Rice Harvest. Watch out for these folk dances every Chingay Festival.

For the schedules of performances, you can search for local listings. It is important that you support and encourage local artists and talents. Some of our dance performers and companies are known worldwide for their performances. Dancing is fun for the dancers and the audiences. Enjoy the performances!

Your Wedding Live Band

The secret to an unforgettable wedding celebration is having the best band. You have numerous choices for a wedding band style. Choose according to your wedding theme, musical preferences, as well as your guests’ musical tastes.  The question is, where to start? Read on and find.


The Style of Music

Singapore wedding live band will always make great wedding live music and your wedding reception remarkably unforgettable. But what would you really like to achieve? Would you want to bring even the shyest guest to be on the dance floor? Or perhaps just provide sophisticated background music to your guests who do not really dance that much? Singapore wedding live band can play all the songs you wish to hear, from the song that reminds you of you and your spouse’s first meeting to chart topping hits that will bring everyone to the dance floor.

DJ or Live Band?

Wedding live band Singapore creates a pleasing mood, making your wedding celebration vibrant and extraordinary. Having a DJ in your wedding reception is not as remarkable as having a live band. You won’t be getting the same stage presence and spontaneity a company like white ribbon live band performing in singapore can provide. On the other hand, hiring a DJ will probably give you greater selections of songs. Most wedding DJs bring up to 8,000 songs to every gig, and provide high-quality lighting equipment for your wedding party. They can even cater song requests from guests or just stick to your requested song list.

Bands can also play pre-recorded music during breaks. There are even some that can provide DJ services with the use of their laptops to mix music. But expect a higher rate if you opt for this kind of band.


Working Out the Venue

There are venues that are intended for loud music, like clubs and pubs, and there are also some that has sound constraints with noise limiter installed in the area. Find out the type of venue you have, is it small or big? With noise restrictions or none? If there are, make sure you have informed the band so they can make adjustments on whatever needs to be adjusted. A well-experienced wedding live band Singapore will be able to adapt easily to your situation. These bands can adjust their equipment or have fewer musicians to fit into a smaller location.

Finding a Good Band

Finding a wedding band can be a bit tricky. Opt for bands with high experiences in performing to weddings before. Ask your family or friends for any band suggestions. You can also visit local places with local live bands playing, like bars and clubs. Regular customers of local bars are very much aware of the best bands in the area. Ask for director’s contact number or contact directly the band leader and arrange a meeting with the group as soon as possible. In addition, it is also best to watch first the bands play before making any arrangements with them. That’s why it is best to personally visit the place and hunt for the best bands in the locality.

Sightseeing in Singapore

Singapore is a small city-state yet it is teeming with countless tourist destinations you just can’t get enough of. The next time you go to the Lion City for a short vacation, make sure to include the following places to your must-visit list.

Orchard Road

A 2.2 kilometre-long road in the heart of the city, Orchard Road is considered the city’s entertainment and retail pub. As the city’s main shopping street, you can find classy restaurants, coffee shops, clubs, and hotels. Here you can also locate the Istana, the official office and residence of the President. At night, you can find yourself delighting in the sparkling view of the malls that sprawl over.

Universal Studio Singapore

Universal Singapore is sure to entertain tourists of all ages with its seven themed zones namely Madagascar, Far Far Away, Sci-Fi City, The Lost World, New York, Ancient Egypt, and Hollywood, with each zone relating to a hit movie or TV show. You can enjoy the rides and shows. Plus, there are over 30 food carts and restaurants for you to choose from and give yourselves a satisfying treat.

Marina Bay Sands SkyPark

Singapore has the longest elevated swimming pool in the world, and it can be found in the Marina Bay Sands. Don’t miss out swimming in the ever-famous infinity pool at the SkyPark. Here you can also find rooftop restaurants, nightclubs, lush gardens, and an observation deck where you can have an aerial view of the city skyline and the Singapore Flyer.

Merlion Park

When some foreigners think of Singapore, what flashes to mind in an instant is a picture of the Merlion, the mythical creature resembling a fish’s body and a lion’s head—the well-known icon of Singapore. Here in the Merlion Park you can enjoy taking photographs of the surroundings anytime as the park is open 24 hours daily.