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Common Mistakes Men Make When Buying an Engagement Ring

Purchasing a jewellery is not an easy task for most men – some even put it off as long as they can. When it comes to buying an engagement ring, however, putting things off doesn’t make it any easier. Admittedly, choosing the perfect ring for your partner can be quite intimidating and, unfortunately, many men have ended up a ring their girlfriends didn’t quite get ecstatic about. Here, we’ve listed down some of the common mistakes that most men make so that you can avoid them when it’s your turn to purchase the most important ring in your life.

1. Searching in Just One Jewellery Store

One of the most common mistakes that men commit is purchasing a ring from the first jewellery store that they walk into. You know that purchasing a car from the first dealership that you walk in is a huge mistake, so use the same reasoning when buying jewellery – especially a proposal ring. Failing to know what other options are available out there won’t help you make an informed decision. Also, remember that you can always browse through the internet to get useful information about engagement ring shopping.

2. Assuming That Every Lady’s Taste is the Same

Apart from not doing any research, assuming that every lady’s taste is the same is another mistake that most men make. Understand that every woman has a unique style that fits her personality. If you’ve been together for quite some time, then you should’ve already picked up some hints about the style that she liikes. If you’re unsure, consult her mother, sister or best friend about it.

3. Picking the Wrong Jewellery Retailer

Choosing the wrong retailer can be a costly mistake. Be sure to shop from a reputable jewellery retailer like ling jewellery from Singapore to avoid getting duped into purchasing inferior quality pieces. When you purchase from a reputable jewellery shop, you’re shopping from people who will go all out to protect their reputation – and this will give you the confidence that you’re getting your money’s worth.

4. Purchasing the Wrong Ring Size

Although most engagement rings can be resized, it’s crucial that the ring is as close as possible to the perfect fit during the proposal. To figure out the correct ring size of your significant other, bring one of her existing rings to the jeweller or ask someone close to her about her ring size. The most common ring sizes among women are between six and 6.5. If it’s impossible for you to determine her exact ring size, then choose an engagement ring within this range.

5. Rushing the Buying Process

Purchasing a diamond ring can really be overwhelming. With a lot of things involved in the proposal ring purchase, it can be really tempting to rush through the buying process. Seeing as this is a very important purchase in your life, however, you need to ensure that you spend enough time thinking about it. Carefully evaluate each ring that catches your eye, and only make the purchase if it meets all the criteria you’ve established.

6. Not Thinking About the Wedding Band

It’s been established that the stone itself in an engagement ring is important. But as you make a purchase, don’t forget about the importance of the future wedding band and how it’ll go with the proposal ring. Normally, an engagement ring is worn above the wedding ring to form a set. So think about how the two rings will complement each other before purchasing either one of them.

7. Following the Three-Month Salary Rule

When it comes to setting a budget, some men in Singapore still follow the traditional three-month salary rule. This rule states that a man’s budget for an engagement ring should be thrice the amount of his monthly salary. While it’s a good rule in general, you might want to spend a little less or opt for a larger purchase. Remember that the three-month salary rule isn’t a hard and fast rule, so don’t let it pressure you into purchasing a ring that you can’t really afford.

8. Overspending

Similar with a home or car purchase, many people get caught up in the emotion of making a life-changing decision and choose not to set or go against their allotted budget. To keep yourself from overspending, ensure that you set a budget prior to visiting a jewellery store and stick with it. Setting a budget beforehand will also let you know the upper limit of the ring’s price. While we advise to avoid overspending, getting just any cheap engagement ring might not be a wise thing to do either. Best to just save money and stick to your budget.

9. Ordering in the Last Minute

Another common mistake that men make is waiting until the last minute to order the ring they want. Most jewellery stores in Singapore take two to four weeks to finish an order (six if it’s custom-made). So if you’ve scheduled a date for your proposal, ensure that you order the ring ahead of time so your plan goes as smoothly and as perfectly as possible.

10. Failing to Get the Ring Insured

While you might not think that it’ll happen, it’s not unusual to lose an engagement ring. Practices like taking it off while washing dishes or taking a bath makes the ring susceptible to theft or loss. With this in mind, it’d be terrible to lose the ring if it’s not insured. You’ll likely find yourself purchasing a new piece if you lose a ring that isn’t insured. By insuring it at the time of the purchase, you’ll be able to save money and have peace of mind in case the ring is stolen or lost.

Just like a wedding ring, an engagement ring symbolizes the commitment and love of a couple for each other. So make sure that you spend enough time researching and thinking through the whole purchasing process to assure that you get the right ring that will represent your desire to be with your significant other for the rest of your life.

5 Tips to Planning a Successful DIY Wedding

It is every bride’s dream to put a unique impression on her wedding day whether it’s in the invitations, the wedding favours, or the entire wedding itself. But even if DIY weddings are the current ‘in thing’ in the industry, they too come with a fair share of troubles. So to make your DIY venture a bit easier for you, we’ve listed down five essential tips on how you can successfully plan your own DIY wedding.


  1. Know Where to Start. If you’re really bent on doing everything on your own, be sure that you know where to start working on. Most wedding planners suggest that in doing a DIY wedding, you should first focus on the two key launching points: your budget and your guests list. Remember that this two are related, and having these details in place will give you a better idea of the type of wedding that suits you best.


  1. Tackle the Basics. In planning a DIY wedding, you should first come up with a firm timeline and some general ideas as to what type of wedding you want. By doing this, you’ll be able to prioritize what you want and get the vendors that really fit your wedding needs. For your timeline, remember to have one or two backup wedding dates ready in case your first choice is not available.


  1. Opt for Quality Organizational Tools. Nearlyweds who wants to orchestrate their own wedding should always stay on top of the receipts and invoices, keep track of costs, copies of contracts and deal with other important details. One of the best tools to keep all your important details accessible and consolidated is the Google Docs. But if you prefer the old-school style, keeping a wedding journal or three-ring binder will do just fine.


  1. Hire Vendors Wisely. The last thing you’d surely want to have at your wedding is a caterer who puts out cold, dry food, or a host who cracks off-colour jokes. Good thing is, you can avoid this kind of services by getting references on each vendor and checking each of them. Also, be sure to conduct food tasting sessions with your caterer and ask some questions during meetings. Remember, you’re spending money on hiring a vendor, so do get those who offer nothing but quality wedding service.


  1. Enjoy the Process. Regardless of how well-planned it is, no wedding is perfect. So rather than stressing yourself out of to make your wedding perfect, try to enjoy the process of planning instead. Remember, wedding planning should be a celebration of your engagement and a fun time of decision-making.

Just like the other types of wedding planning, orchestrating your own wedding ceremony can be a pretty tedious task. But by following these tips, you’ll surely see it as a fun way of putting your own unique stamp on the biggest day of your life.