Christmas Trees at Gardens by the Bay

Now the Christmas tree is definitely the most symbolic representation of Christmas. In fact, given a pine tree with the colors of green and red around it and maybe even some Christmas lights, voila! You have a Christmas tree. But then again you wouldn’t want to spend your Christmas with just any Christmas tree.

Inside all of us is the huge expectation of magic during Christmas. Magic that can only be seen when it is represented by beauty. This beauty, is the Christmas tree. The more magical the Christmas tree appears to be, the more magical our Christmas begins to feel. With the glistening radiant Christmas lights scattered around like stars in the country sky, now this is beauty.

The glistening lights is just a display of glamour, what gives a Christmas tree it’s personality is the little things one uses to decorate their tree. Now we’re sure you’ve heard of Gardens by the Bay and we know that you know that since it is Christmas, Gardens by the Bay definitely has something in store for you.

What do you think it is? Well, remember the surreal building like structures covered in plants and green looking as if stumps of a tree but also the actual tree itself? Imagine that as a Christmas tree! You read it right!

Almost stump like structures reaching all the way to the sky before suddenly spreading out into a fountain of not just greens anymore, but also lights! Christmas is very well celebrated at Gardens by the Bay as one look towards the sky takes you into a whole new world! A world of Christmas.

The trees aren’t everything though, there is even a castle made out of lights illuminating the perfect image of a castle hidden at the back of your mind in the sea of imagination. Gardens by the Bay feels like a dream come true without you even knowing that you’ve been dreaming for a sight just like the one you’ll experience.

Subconsciously, the place does not just please your eyes. It also finds a way to seep into the comforts of your soul. Welcoming you into the holiday and bringing with it the Christmas spirit which may have been a familiar feeling or maybe a feeling you’ve never even experienced before.

Either way, Gardens by the bay is a perfect place to experience Christmas. Not just for you, but also for the ones you love. Christmas is a time for being with the ones you love and what better way to experience Christmas than to be in a place where Christmas is not only seen, but also felt.