Famous Suppliers of Sweet in Singapore

Singapore is known as a financially stable country. Due to this, many business establishments are rising in the country. Actually, a lot of them cover the foods and beverages group like restaurants, food chains, bars and more. Also, chocolate and candy shop belong in this group.


In Singapore, there are plenty of them and they are growing. In fact, there are many chocolate and candy shops around the world that venture the business in the country because a lot of businessmen for other countries put their trust to Singapore. As Singapore is one of the leading countries, candy and chocolate factories are like mushrooms that pop out abruptly; however, there are established and famous brands of sweets in the country which include:


  • Yamakawa Super – As it named clearly state; it is indeed a Japanese store. This store offers sweet products like ice creams, biscuits and chocolates.
  • The Cocoa Trees – Are you a chocolate aficionado? Well, this store makes you select a wide variety of famous chocolates like Toblerone, Swiss Delice, M&Ms Droste, Hawaiian Host, The Belgian and more. Aside from their sweet chocolates, their store can be easily found. Actually, many of its branches (10 branches) is only located at the Changi airport and the other 7 store are scattered in the country.
  • Candylicious – This brand of sweets has more the 500 classes of chocolates as well as candies to satisfy a person’s craving. Also, they have gummy bears that you can select.
  • Candy Empire – Different sweets from all over the globe is what Candy Empire offer. Also they provide aromatic snack that comes from US, Australia and Europe.



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