Feng Shui Your Home for Better Health


Feng shui for health is one of the considerations when applying feng shui for your home. Whether your health is slightly out of balance or you’re experiencing health problems for a while now, feng shui can be a source of increased energy level and help you stay healthy.


Here are some basic feng shui tips to bring energy and positivity into your home.

  1. Bring In Good-Quality Air

The easiest way to ensure good quality air inside your home—while also improving feng shui energy—is to bring in air purifying plants. You can find good feng shui indoor plants in almost any flower shop. Look for Boston Fern, Peace Lily, or Dracaena Jenny Craig.


  1. Play With Lights and Colours

Natural light, along with the right colours, is vital for both health and well-being. These two elements are essential in nourishing positive energy in your home. Beautify your windows by installing sheer, light-hued curtains that allows outdoor light to stream in and reflect colours to the space. Decorate walls with vibrant art pieces and tables with lovely bunch of colourful flowers to bring more positivity to your home


  1. Recreate Spa In Your Bathroom

It’s easy to replicate spa feeling in your bathroom, but make sure to start with a clean and clutter-free space. Once you have achieved that, bring in items that please your senses, such as scented candles, energy crystals, and aromatic oils.



  1. Apply Feng Shui In the Bedroom

This is very important for your own well-being and for the quality of your intimate relationship. Feng shui for the bedroom can be both complex and simple—it is an application of simple actions consistently. Steps like ensuring good air flow, keeping the closets neat and tidy, and not storing anything under the bed may sound like a lot of work. However, once you feel the difference that these steps make for your well-being, you would want to go through them over and over again.


  1. Remove Shoes before Entering the House

Make it a habit to leave the stress of work, traffic jams, and bad days outside your home. It’s a purposeful way to make your home your sanctuary, only allowing peaceful and positive energy to come inside. To keep your footwear organize, place a shoe rack just inside the door. The simple act of removing your shoe before actually getting inside the house is symbolic of warding off troubles and worries of the outside world.


  1. Play Soothing Sounds When Going to Sleep

Create an iPod playlist or play a CD of natural sounds, such as mountain streams, gentle breeze, chirping birds, and gentle waves. When listening to the sound of nature your heart rate slows down, your breathing becomes deeper, and your nerves are relaxed. Make sure though it is a recording that’s made from actual sounds of nature—not electronically produced—since the energy emanating from natural surroundings is healing for your physical and mental health.


  1. De-Clutter Spaces

If the newspaper is piling up, the magazines in the rack are old, and you haven’t worn that outfit for five years, do yourself a favour and toss those useless things away. Throw away things that you no longer use. Instead, grow healthy plants indoors to fight away negativity and promote energy inside your home.


  1. Decorate Organically

Using earth tones and earth materials, such as clay and wood, promote a sense of comfort and calmness in any given space. You can choose your style from so many sophisticated shades of clay, from light grey to dark brown.


  1. Stock Up On the Right Kind of Food

Now that you have created good feng shui in your home, it’s time to fill your fridge up with the right stuff. A bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as whole grains, is far healthier and better than preserved foods and ready-made treats.


By applying these basic feng shui tips, you can make your Singapore home peaceful and harmonious, allowing for positive energy to flow. When your space looks and feels relaxing, your mood reflects this, too—you feel rejuvenated, more relaxed, and less-stressed. And by eliminating stress, you eliminate chances of developing ailments as well.




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