How Can We Tell If We Are Using Genuine Microsoft Label?  

If our laptops and desktops are using Microsoft software, we have to use genuine label. The company strongly abhors the use of pirated software. The risks of using pirated software costs more that we think. There are many people offering pirated software not only here in Singapore but around the world.


For consumers who would go for the pirated software, they have to know the risks of using one. If we use pirated software, our PC could get dangerous malware. This malware could be used by people to hack into our webcam and get data like passwords and cash data.

If we use genuine Microsoft Label, we will be assured a safe, secure and stable computer unit. Here are some things that we can consider to distinguish a pirated and genuine label:


  • Always look for the label: Whenever we buy laptops or new computer units, authorized dealer nationwide will offer genuine label. If we want to be sure, we should look for the label. We can even ask where Certificate of Authenticity (COA) is. Microsoft label or COA is not the software license but it is a visual identifier that determines whether it is genuine or not.
  • Product Activation: For genuine labels, product activation is needed. The product activation is a simple process. We only need to enter the activation key for the system to work. We only need the installation ID.

Now that we know how to tell if we are using genuine Microsoft label, we have better chances of securing our units. The risks associated with pirated software is not a joke and it should be taken seriously.


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