Is Traveling Solo Safe for Women?


Traveling is fun if you are with the people who have the same interest. However, not all the time there are people available to accompany you. With this, you should not wait for someone your whole life to be with you every time you want to travel. There will come a time that you will get tired of waiting for that perfect companion and decide to just go.


When this happens, you will be amazed how good it feels to travel alone. Before being comfortable with travelling solo, many people forgo the idea because there is no one to accompany them. This should not be the case. Travelling should be enjoyed regardless of the number of people. Yes, at first travelling can be scary. The fear of eating alone is scary how much more going to a strange land?

Many Singaporeans would think that female solo travelling is a bad idea. You cannot blame them because they are just thinking of your safety. When travelling solo, safety should be on top of your mind. You have to combat fear and focus on how to be smart, aware and prepared. Just think that you have survived this long because you know how to keep yourself safe and from lethal situations. This should be your mindset when you are travelling.


With the right mindset, you will be safe even if you are alone. Before going, make sure that you understand the culture of the place you want to go. The key here is to act accordingly – know what to wear and the acceptable behaviour. Avoid being too flashy and getting intoxicated. You should be aware of concerns and issues no matter where you go. Keep in mind that you are as capable as others.

It is normal that you friends and families do not approve of your travelling alone because they are worry about your safety and security. At first they won’t be that understanding and supportive but as you prove every time you travel alone that you are safe and become a better person, they will eventually realize that travelling solo does a whole lot of good.

Listen to the people whose opinions matter most and you will be surprised that they will try to understand and be supportive. You do not need the words of negative people so avoid telling them. Will you be lonely? You will be if you think that way. You will be surprised of how many people you will meet along the way. Every new place brings many experiences and acquaintances.


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