Laundry Service: Important Things You Need to Know

With more and more commercial laundry service business opening, the service has become a popular commodity in Singapore. Our hectic day-to-day schedule requires us to focus more on other bigger responsibilities, setting aside less important chores like doing the laundry.

Fortunately, there are so many laundry shops around town to help take care of your laundry. But when choosing a service company, consider certain points to ensure that your linen and clothing are handled with care. Here are some important factors to consider when thinking of hiring a laundry service.

Type of Service You Need

Whether you’re a mom looking for a laundry service to wash your family’s clothes or a hotel owner seeking for a good laundry company to work with, know first what services a company offers before settling on them. Look for a one-stop shop. Find a service provider that offers various laundry services—such as dry cleaning, special washes (for delicate items), rush washing and washing of thicker and bigger items like comforters and blankets. This allows you to have everything taken care of in just one place. But do keep in mind that the most basic services offered by laundry shops in Singapore are wash-and-fold and dry cleaning. Some companies charge an additional fee for ironing of clothes.

The Company’s Cleaning Methods

Knowing a company’s washing methods is also a vital factor. A service provider that uses high-quality equipment and effective washing methods will ensure that your clothes remain in pristine condition after washing. Look for a company with modern equipment and you can click here for uniquecleanz laundry from Singapore who is trusted for providing quality services in just a short time. This ensures that your clothing and all your belongings are handled by expert hands.

The Price

Your goal is not to find the one with the cheapest per-kilo or per-pound rate; rather, a company that provides excellent quality laundry service at a competitive price. When searching for a laundry service in Singapore, make sure to compare prices from different shops. Some laundry companies offer great discounts, especially for hotels and restaurant owners. If you’re one such business owner, call several laundry shops and ask if they have deals to offer.

Customer Service

Sometimes, something gets in the way and you forget to inform your laundry company about important reminders. Perhaps, you need to have a certain item pressed, have the baby garments washed in gentle detergent, or change the delivery time of your laundry. When these situations come up, knowing that you’re working with a laundry service in Singapore with great customer support that’s available anytime of the day will put your mind at ease, especially if you need a specific set of clothing to be ready on time.

Pick Up and Drop Off

Unfortunately, many laundry companies are not upfront about their service fees. In addition to their per-kilogram rate, they may also charge you for picking up and dropping off of your laundry. Make sure to ask if they charge for this as an extra service. Finding a laundry service in Singapore that provides free-of-charge pick up and drop off is always preferred, but it usually comes with a minimum order size.

Flexible Schedule

One of the deciding factors when choosing a laundry company is their scheduling of pick-ups and deliveries. If they only pick-up and deliver items in specific routes and times of the day, it can be difficult to match their schedule. Be sure to ask when the pick-up days and times are, as well as if you can change your schedule last minute in case of emergency.

Special Requests

Each homeowner and business owner has different needs and preferences when it comes to laundry. Maybe you’re allergic to certain detergent or you prefer your clothes air dried. Maybe you want your clothes washed in cold water and the towels in hot. Whatever your special requirements are, it’s important that your laundry service in Singapore is able to provide them.

High Regards to Privacy

Your clothes and other belongings are personal, and don’t have to be the talk of the neighbourhood. Although you can’t expect your clothes to be washed, dried, pressed and fold in a totally isolated area, look for a service provider that shows high regards to privacy. Gossiping about your choice of clothing, airing your garments in public areas and other disrespectful actions that have something to do with your personal belongings shouldn’t be tolerated. Of course, respect should be two-way. Always be professional and polite when interacting with your service personnel.

Quality Guarantee

Commercial laundry services do not do miracles. It’s important to keep in mind that some stains, despite the best efforts, simply can’t be removed. However, you still have the right to expect that your laundry will be delivered to you as clean as you could’ve washed them yourself. Ask for a service guarantee if a good amount of your laundry comes back wrinkled, dingy and just plain unsatisfactory.

Dry Cleaning

If you have a lot of non-wash-and-fold items to launder, perhaps because of workplace dress code or frequent attendance to black-tie parties and events, it’s important to find a laundry service in Singapore that doesn’t only offer dry cleaning service but also does so at reasonable price. Usually, laundry companies in Singapore charge per article for dry cleaning, and like the per-kilo rate of wash-and-fold, rates for dry cleaning vary from company to company.

Laundry services in Singapore are valued for the convenience it brings to busy homeowners. The need for this household service is rapidly growing, especially in today’s fast-paced society.

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