Play, Smash and Learn

Feeding your kids is not easy especially if they are very picky of their food. You tried everything but they still do not understand the importance of food and what it can bring to the body. As a parent, it is important that you bring nutrition awareness to your kids and make sure that they embrace or practice it.


How will you make things interesting for them? You can introduce a game for a start. There is an online application that teaches kids the value of nutrition. Instead of playing with their foods, kids can play this online application. This is called Smash Your Food. This application is more than a game; it will challenge your kids to guess how much sugar, oil or salt a specific food carries. Before you introduce this game to your kids, you need to know some things about it. Here are some:

  • Recommended by the First Lady: Smash Your Food is actually the winner of the contest “Apps for Healthy Kids”. The contest was spearheaded by America’s First Lady, Michelle Obama. The game targets obese children not only in America but the whole world.


  • Features: Initially, the game features forty (more or less) food items that your kid can crush. If the food item is crushed, it will unveil how much calories your child can take and how he/she can avoid it. Apart from that, the game boasts of high definition video accompanied by rich sound effects when the food is smashed.
  • Challenges: Like other games, Smash Your Food also offers levelling up. There are also challenges included. For example, if your child committed not to drink soda, points will be added. It does not end there because there will be a reminder in case your kid forgets.
  • Advises for parents: The game will give parents nutritional advice. The game will provide kids with proper nutritional information for more sensible approach when it comes to consuming of food.

This application is available here in Singapore. It is only available for iOS users though. It costs $2.99 and it requires iOS 4.3 (or higher). It can be installed on iPhone Touch, iPads and iPhones. This is a fun and dynamic way of teaching your kids about health and nutrition. Knowing this, you should share and spread this to your fellow Singaporeans who are also struggling to feed their kids healthy foods.

If you need more details, you can visit the application’s website. What are you waiting for? Mobilize your whole family to eat and live well. Good luck!


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