Singapore Raising Football Standards

FAS (Football Association of Singapore) and SSC (Singapore Sports Council) are looking for ways to raise Singapore’s football standards. FAS and SSC are trying to improve football which is deemed to be the country’s number one sport.

Football is famous not only here in Singapore around the world. In America, their football is different from our football. Regardless, the simplicity of the game attracted many people. But if in this case you are not sure of the basics, this will help you understand soccer and play it better:



According to FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Associations), the field must be rectangular. It should be 90-120m long and 45-90m wide.  At the end of each field, you will see goals. The rectangular goals should be 7.32m wide and 2.44m high. Goals are made of metal where nylon net is attached to catch the ball.


You should also know field markings – penalty areas, end lines, corner kick quarter circles and sidelines. The most important field marking is the penalty areas. You will see it at the end of the field directly facing the goals. If a specific player commits a major foul (within the penalty area), the opposing team is awarded penalty kick.


For minor offenses (like touching the ball with their hands, seizing an opponent, tripping, etc), this can cost the other team free kick or change or possession. Cards are used for more deliberate fouls. If the player is disrespecting other players or officials, fighting other players or officials and repeated fouls, the referee hols the right to issue a yellow card. This will serve as a warning. If the player continues his not-so-good actions, he will receive a red card which means automatic ejection from the game without chances of replacing the position he/she left.

Game Proper

The game will last for about 90 minutes; 90 minutes is divided into two halves with 45 minutes each half. In between the halves, there is a 15 minute break which is called halftime. The referee will conduct a coin toss to determine which team kicks first. The scoring system is three points for a regulation win, two points for penalty kick win and one point for penalty kick loss.

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