The Theories Behind the Disappearance of MH370

Many Singaporeans were appalled to hear the disappearance of a Boeing plane of Malaysia Airlines on March 8, 2014. MH370 was bounded to Beijing, China from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It carried more than 200 passengers and 12 crews. After five days, there are still no traces of the missing plane despite the 24/7 search and rescue operations.    



Many people are thinking of different things. Some even thought about Bermuda Triangle. If not the triangle, there are others who are thinking about aliens and other things. It do not make sense but people can believe what they want to believe especially that there are no traces of it. People are free to speculate. However experts have three theories in mind. These are:

  • Mechanical failure: The logical reason here is mechanical failure that eventually compromised the communication system of the plane. Though the plane is in good condition when it took off, you do not know what occurred while they are thousands of feet above.



  • Human error: The next logical reason is human error. Pilots are humans too. They also commit mistakes but in this case, they did not correct it right away. However, one thing is certain – things happened so fast that the pilot did not have time to put a call.
  • Terrorism: Some are even thinking of terrorism. The hijacking of the plane is a clear sign of terrorism. Some people also think that the pilot purposely crashed the plane. The puzzling thing is there are no traces of such actions. There should be debris.

Regardless of what you choose to believe, the important thing is you pray for the passengers aboard the plane. The Singapore government is also utilizing its rescue teams to help the search. The last report stated that the plane could be somewhere in Straits of Malacca.



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