Things that We Usually Miss in Our Hometown

Mainst1 Home Cook Food

After a stressful day in the office, the only thing that you want to do is to eat to make all of that vanish. And from all the available scrumptious food you see while walking, you are naturally craving for the food that your mom usually cooks for you at home. Well, this is not a new scenario for those people who work away from home. They surely miss those home cook meals that ever since makes their tummy happy and pleased.

Childhood Best Friend

Usually, we find our great friends in our Hometown. A best friend that is so sincere and simple. He or she just loves you for who you are and will always be your number one fan.  In reality, it is hard to find somebody you can be trusted in the big city. Yes, everybody is your best friend but not all of them are true to you. Living in a place that is full of ambition, competition and practicality will make you hard to find someone great as your childhood best friend. You will surely going to miss his/her loyalty and unfussiness.

Family Gatherings

You will always miss those times that you are sharing your enjoyable moments with your whole family. Dancing, partying at night whenever there is a reason to celebrate. Who will never long for the hype you get with your family when there is a feast. Living and working far away from your hometown will make you excited to come back home to experience everything again.



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