Where Your Lovable Buddies are Created

Teddy Bear are one of a kind. There’s no object that can be compared to this lovely item. Because of its huggable, soft and tender form, teddy bear are used as a substitute to a boyfriend or girlfriend. Also, it can be a replacement of a pillow. But when you value it like there is no other thing like teddy bears, for sure, you will give it importance.


The question here is that, how they are made? Bear making is really a difficult task. However, it is fun and exciting. To start off, when you plan to make a teddy bear, choose what shape it is and how big. For instance, you will make a stuffed toy in the appearance of dog.

In Singapore, one of the famous stuffed toy makers is the Build-A-Bear WorkshopTM. Here, you can have a wide selection of designs and styles to choose form. From heart shape to dragon design, you can creat them as long as you listen to their simple instructions.


The Guide to Stuff Toy Making

Basically, stuff toys can be easily made. First, you will design and decide on what shape it will be. After you have come up with the design, you can start with sewing the main frame or the foundation of the toy. Be sure that there are no torn parts or holes that can possibly be the reason why it will be destroyed immediately. Next, insert some soft and cottony elements inside the toy to for its body – the more its filling are equally and tightly distributed, the more the object will be unbreakable. Then, stitch the part where you put the filling and presto! You have you buddy.



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