13 Easy-to-Care Houseplants for Non-Green-Thumbs


We’ve heard it all—not enough water, too much water, not enough sunlight, too much sunlight—and we get it that it isn’t easy to decipher plants’ needs. However, it’s still possible to grow plants even when you don’t have a green thumb. How? By simply going for these easy-to-care plants:


  1. Spider Plant

The name may suggest horrible images, but spider plants are known to be among the most adaptable plants. With just medium sunlight, comfortable room temperature, and moist soil, you’ll surely keep them alive anywhere you’d put them. What’s more? They’re safe for your pet cats and dogs.


  1. Jade Plant

Also called the money plant, this cute pot of green doesn’t ask for much. As long as you don’t over-water it, you’ll keep it alive. A good indicator when you need to water it is when you start to notice that the soil feel and looks dry.


  1. Snake Plant

If you’re the forgetful type, this plant is for you. Snake plant can survive even if you forget to water them for weeks. Not only it looks pretty, but it can provide health benefits as well since it’s a natural air purifier. Just make sure though to keep this plant away from pets.


  1. Sweetheart Hoya

This plant is popular among homes because of its sweet fragrance and pretty blooms. What’s even better? It doesn’t require much light and water to make it look as lovely. Because of the plant’s succulent leaves, there’s no need to water it frequently.


  1. Kalanchoe

Pretty on the outside, tough on the inside, this flower is a great pick if you aim to add more colour to your home. Since they are succulent plants, they can tolerate a bit of dryness between watering. That being said, they work well in dry climates and fluctuating temperatures, so it should adapt well to any environment.


  1. Echeveria

This low-maintenance plant is among the prettiest succulent household plants because of its bloom-like shape. It comes in a variety of colours, so it’s easy to look for one that goes well with your interior colour scheme. Just keep the soil moist—but not flooded—to keep it healthy.


  1. Aloe Vera

Perhaps, you’ve already heard its medicinal benefits, but aloe also makes pretty home decor. It is another succulent plant, so it does well in dry environment. The key to keeping your aloe healthy is to make sure it gets plenty of indirect sunlight.


  1. Cast-Iron Plant

Living up to its name, cast-iron plant can survive in low light, poor-quality soil, and in a wide range of temperature. This dark-leaved plant prefers to be left alone, so don’t bother watering it every day—it doesn’t need that much attention to maintain its shape.


  1. Phalaenopsis Orchid

Native to tropical Asian countries like Singapore, this type of orchid loves basking in the low light and doesn’t require that much watering like many flowering plants. The forgiving stunner can go more than a week without water, but still able to produce gorgeous-looking buds.


  1. Mother-In-Law’s Tongue

The mother-in-law’s tongue, which is one of the many sanseverias plants, is tough to kill. It is low-maintenance, so you can occasionally ignore it (like how you sometimes ignore your mother-in-law’s words). The plant’s leaves can grow tall and sturdy, even with a month of no water.


  1. English Ivy

If you want something with a classic look, English Ivy is just as beautiful as its low maintenance. This plant is specifically a great pick for air-conditioned homes as this plant prefers low temperature.


  1. Philodendron

This tropical household plant comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours, including the most popular split-leaf version. While it comes in many different types, there’s one thing they all have in common: the ability to survive neglect.


  1. Bromeliad

This plant may look like high-maintenance, but it’s actually the opposite. This cousin of the pineapple plant can thrive anywhere between 55 degrees and 80 degrees Fahrenheit and can tolerate drought. So if you often forget to water it regularly, your bromeliad is still in its best condition even after a week of no watering.

Are you someone who can barely keep a plant alive? Do you envy those who have green thumb and manage to make their home look lovely with greens? No need to be jealous! Let these undemanding plants give you that feeling of having true gardening skills.


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