5 Common Food Labels and What They Really Mean

These days, we’re all trying to be smarter with our food choice, but so are food companies and their marketing team. Here are five common terms are technically correct but may be a little misleading.


  1. Free Range: For chicken to be called “free range”, they actually only need to be out in open air for just 5 minutes. Some companies even circumvent this rule by simply putting a hole in the chicken’s cages where they can stick their heads out.
  1. Fat-Free: Eating a lot of fat-free food may still fatten you up. This is because even if a food is fat-free, it may still contain sugar and calorie sources, which is what make us put on the pounds.


  1. All-Natural: This is what sells to people who are against GMO and other progressive types. However, a food can be labeled “all-natural” as long as it does not contain any chemical preservatives or artificial ingredients, which means it may still contain ingredients made from other GMO products.
  1. Cholesterol Free: We all know cholesterol is bad for the heart. But do you know that cholesterol is only produced by animals? That means that “cholesterol free” olive oil other products that don’t actually contain any animal ingredients naturally will not contain any cholesterol and therefore their labeling as such is just taking advantage of our ignorance.
  1. Made with Real Fruits: Any product that uses white grape juice concentrate – a type of sugar alternative – can claim that it contains real fruits. So that fruity bits inside that we see is probably still artificial.


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