5 Easy Ways to Fight Anxiety  

Technically, anxiety is a physical, mental, and emotional response to perceived dangers, which are not usually real. And since we don’t get chased by tigers or get lost in the woods on a daily basis, it’s often the small things that put our emotions over the edge, such as misplaced car keys, morning rush hour, or flooded email. Luckily, it’s easy to fight this kind of stress with a few changes incorporated in our day-to-day life.


  1. Get Enough Sleep

Not getting enough sleep doesn’t only affect our health, but also greatly contribute to overall anxiety and stress. Especially when feeling anxious, make sure to schedule a complete eight to nine hours of sleep and see how a sweet slumber can alter your anxiety level throughout the day.

  1. Express Gratitude

Studies suggest that expressing gratitude helps relieve mental and emotional tension. You may want to start a gratitude journal to get you into the mindset of appreciation rather than overwhelmed.

  1. Pause and Breathe

Whenever you feel like a panic attack is about to happen, take time to pause for a while and breathe. Conscious breathing, plus lengthening the breath, sends signals to the brain that everything is fine and that there’s nothing to worry about.2015-01-20-GeneralisedAnxietyDisorder1080pwallpaperdesktop

  1. Have Some Alone Time

Plan for a time when you can just be by yourself. Even if it is just a five-minute break, with no phone call, no TV, no emails, it can already give you that inner peace to keep you sensible for the remaining hours of the day. Too much noise can increase stress levels, so plan some alone time in the midst of all the chaos of your daily life.

  1. Visualize Positivity

When dealing with anxious thoughts, learn to visualize yourself handing the situation in a calm and easy manner. Do not pay attention to your current state of mind; just concentrate on sailing smoothly through the storm.

If we get a chance to choose, we would never want to create thoughts stresses or worries us. However, we’re just human, and it’s inevitable for us to worry sometimes. So when we feel like we’re starting to freak out, there a few simple things we can do to alter our thoughts, relax our body, calm our brain, and get back on track.


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