6 Make-Up Tricks for Round-Face Girls


Before getting into the fun stuff, there’s one thing we would want to put emphasis on: round-shape face is a blessing, not a curse. Rather than loading up your face with contour for a chiselled look, embrace its lovely symmetry that’s uniquely its own. Just like dressing up for your unique body type, putting on make-up is about playing up your features and finding the most flattering look on you.

  1. Start With Your Brows

The eyes are the windows to your soul, and your brows are the privileged ones to frame those windows—especially for round-face gals. Focus on perfecting the arch of your brows to put emphasis on the length of the face, instead of the width. Just keep in mind not to shape your brows into a rounded arch shape. Rounded brows on a round face in never flattering.

  1. Bring the Attention to Your Favourite Feature

Do you have natural hazel eyes? Were you born with pouty puckers? Whatever feature you wish to highlight, giving it a bit more of attention will balance the roundness of the face. Try to do a smoky eye (with a dramatic pair of falsies) and nude lips, or the other way around—neutral eyes and a bold lip colour that matches your skin tone.

  1. Keep Your Wing on Fleek

A winged liner may not be easy to master, but it works perfectly for round-faced beauties once you do. After putting on your eye make-up, go bold with a winged liner. The upward flick is naturally slimming and gives your eyes a more seductive look.

  1. Play With Angles

After putting on a full face of make-up, highlight and bronze the face—no contours if possible to preserve your youthful look. Dust some highlighting powder on the center of your forehead, down the bridge of the nose and a tiny bit on the chin to add length to the face. Then, bronze the perimeters of the face for a more tanned look.

  1. Rosy Up the Cheeks

Don’t shy away from blushes for the fear of your cheeks dominating your face. When applying blush, just make sure not to get too close to your nose. Start right below your cheekbones, blending up and towards the temple. This gives your face a visual lift.

  1. Gloss the Lip

No matter what colour of lipstick you wear, it helps to keep this round-faced make-up tip in mind. Luscious lips are sure-fire way to elongate the face. Especially with a darker lip, adding some gloss will bring the focus to the bottom of the face, so it appears longer and slimmer.

Remember, these make-up tips aren’t meant to alter your face shape. They’re about bringing out your best features and making them work you.

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