A Busy Woman’s Guide to Making Herself Look Good


Women are particular with their looks the moment they step out of the house. Whether it is just for an errand of for a whole day of work, a woman puts effort to appear pleasing. In this age where less is more, these seven tricks will give a busy woman a refreshing look that will in turn make her feel good while walking the streets outside her home.


  1. Matched clothes. Being busy is not an excuse to wear whatever is on the top of your clothes’ drawer. Plan your outfits ahead and keep your clothes arranged in the closet. Putting-on wrinkled clothes is a no-no at any time of the day. Know the rules of matching clothes. Printed tops go with plain pants and vice-versa. Experiment on color-combination too. Be creative and feel good with your chosen outfit for the day!


  1. Facial powder press. With Singapore’s tropical climate, a powder press is at the top of every woman’s must-have. Powder press can absorb the sweat and oil that accumulate in the face. Be sure though to carefully choose the shade that will complement your skin tone. Applying quick powder press will surely give a constant refreshing look like no other!


  1. A dab of lipstick. Lipsticks are secret weapons for a charming look. Several brands with a wide selection of shades are available in stores. Collect your favorite colors and try one shade per day. It is a must to put on lipstick because this keeps your lips hydrated and protects it from being dry. It is a moisturizer and a make-up for fuller lips rolled in one!

The Classic Red Lip Illamasqua Sanger Lipstick (5)

  1. Touch of eyeliner. Beautiful eyes are emphasized with the use of the eyeliner. Applying it may feel uncomfortable at first but it becomes really easy with just a few practices. In no time, you will be an expert in putting eyeliner. This make-up trick is time-efficient with guaranteed great results!


  1. Hair brush. A messed-up hair will make a woman look haggard and stressed. A hair brush will keep your hair smooth and tangle-free. Sporting a hair-do for the day will also be made easy with a hair brush. A well-kept hair will keep up to its title as a woman’s crowning glory!


  1. Cologne sprinkle. When an expensive perfume is not available, a sprinkle of body cologne will work just the same. Always carry around your favorite scent so that you can splash it on your wrist and at the back of your ears anytime. The sweet scent will linger, giving you a fresh smell to last for the day!


  1. Clean shoes. A woman’s shoes are a reflection of her personality. Always, always wear clean shoes. If its leather, make sure it is shined; if its rubber shoes, make sure it is washed. Wearing clean and comfortable shoes will make you feel like you are walking on sunshine every day!

These things to remember will only take a fraction of time from a woman’s busy schedule. These are easy to prepare but will give any woman a great impression to herself and to those around her. More importantly, these will give confidence so that a woman will continue to accomplish what needs to be done – beautifully.


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