An Out-of-This-World App

Innovation makes life more interesting. Like in the case of the new app that lets you hide your messages and letting your friends physically uncover or decipher it. This application is called Trace. Trace is designed by scientists who believe that Facebook and other platforms promote passive receivers.


With this, they made an application that will surely bring the receivers into a new level of fun and interaction. For your information, Trace offers augmented reality that will create “immersive” experience to the receiver. The designers are Beau Lotto (a neuroscientist) and Richard Clarke (a perception researcher).

This application works in an interesting way – you send your friends a message (hidden message that is) then you urge them to go “treasure hunting” to uncover or decipher the message. If you want the message that you sent disappear, you can do that. This is indeed more meaningful than just sitting there and reading the email or message. The quirky quest makes things different and unique.


If you do not like this idea, you can just send an email or message to your friends in Facebook but where is the fun in it? Trace app will bring a whole new colour and fun to your conversations and your relationship in general. So, what are you waiting for? This is worth the try. Download the application now and feel its difference.

For now, the application is only available in the United Kingdom. Though it is not yet available here in Singapore, you can only imagine many Singaporeans welcoming the out-of-this-world app when the time comes. Let us be patient. It will come here soon.


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