Bestselling Musical Artists in Asia

Unlike European and American artists, Asian artists are separated not just by genres but by region. That’s why access to music isn’t easy. Here are some artists you should check out.

Ahmad Zahir
He’s dubbed the king of Afghan music and sings in Dari Persian and Pashto. He has recorded more than 30 albums in a span of 10 years.

Alexandra Bounxouei
Called the Lao Pop Princess, Alexandra is best known for her hit song “My Radio.”

BoA is active in South Korea and Japan and has one US album released in 2009.

Dechen Shak-Dagsay
She performs contemporary Tibetan Buddhist mantras. Her 2006 album Dewa Che: The Unversal healing Power of Tibetan Mantras is considered her best.

Dengue Fever
This band was formed when they were inspired by the music of Cambodia. They have songs both in Khmer and English.

She’s the Queen of Rock and the bestselling female artist in Malaysia.

This Lebanese wonder is considered the highest-selling female performer in the Middle East.

This Iranian-Azerbaijani performer has recorded songs in 9 languages. She’s known for her flamboyant costumes.

Jacky Cheung
He’s nicknamed the God of Songs and is one of Hong Kong’s Four Heavenly Kings.

Jose Mari Chan
This Chinese-Filipino’s first hit album was Afterglow in 1967. He is called the Father of Philippine Christmas Music.

Kathem Al-Saher
Called “Ceasar of Arabic Song,“ Kathem is an Iraqi poet, singer and composer who performs with an orchestra or Iraqi folk instruments.

My Tam
She’s known for her songs “Uoc Gi” and “Hat Voi Dong Song.” This Vietnamese pop singer also dabbles in ballet, guitar, organ, and musical directing.

Nazia Hassan
Called Queen of Pop is South Asia, she began her music stint with her brother Zoheb and became the first pop icons in the region.

Nike Ardilla
This Indonesia rock singer, model and actress still owns the bestselling albums in the country even after she passed away.

Phyu Phyu Kyaw Thein
She rose to fame as a Burmese pop idol with her debut album in 2003. Her best known song is “Lan Kwel” or “Parting.”

Ranidu Lankage
He popularized R&B and hip hop in Sri Lanka when his single “Nasty Girl” debuted in 2007.

This Israeli actress and pop singer shot to stardom when she sang in Persian in her first album. She started her career in a musical troupe.

She’s dubbed as Mongolia’s queen of pop music and is well known for the hits “Torson odriin bayar” and “Argagui amrag.”

Sonu Nigam
A prolific Indian vocalist, he’s sung in various languages and genres. He’s also done voice acting, acting and hosting and began his career at the age of 4.

Teresa Teng
The Taiwanese songstress was known for her romantic ballads and folk songs such as ‘The Moon Represents My Heart” and “When Will You Return?”

Thongchai McIntyre
Sometimes called Bird, this Thai pop star’s most famous songs are “Duay Rak Lae Pook Pan” and “Sabai Sabai.”

Utada Hikaru
Her album First Love is the bestselling Japanese album of all time. She can also play the piano and guitar.

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