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What You Need to Know About Summer Olympic Games


Rio de Janeiro is making history now and with all eyes watching it, the next two weeks will be the most hectic. Rio de Janeiro is hosting the Summer Olympic Games 2016. Many controversies led to the phenomenal opening on August , 2016. The Summer Olympic Games started on August 5 at Maracana Stadium  and will end on August 21. This Summer Olympic Games slogan is “Viva sua paixao” or “Live your passion”.


Since its establishment, there had 27 Summer Olympics (6 times held in North America, 16 in Europe, 3 in Asia and 2 in Oceania). What makes this edition so special? You have to know that this is the first Olympic Games ever held in South America. Rio de Janeiro is a city in Brazil and it is the second most populous city next to Sao Paulo. It is home to 6.5 million people and it is nestled on the Southeast cost of the Atlantic Ocean. In 1565, Portuguese founded the city.


Rio is known for its pristine beaches. This is the reason why it is the tourism capital of the country. Tourists increased after the 2014 FIFA World Cup and this year, the Summer Olympics. The most iconic image in Rio is the Christ the Redeemer statue in Tujuca Forest National Park. For the security of the people, tourists and athletes, the government placed an estimated 80,000 security people and another 30,000 army reserves.


Brazilian’s way of life is soccer. In fact, the country has the most World Cup wins. The country will now prove if they can get the most medals for the Summer Olympics. There are 10,500 participating athletes from two hundred countries around the world like Singapore. There are three hundred six competitions in forty two diverse sports. All will be played for seventeen days.


You should know that golf will be a part returning after 112 years. There is also rugby returning after 92 years. This is another history. Most of the games will be held in four districts of Rio de Janeiro from Copacabana to Deodoro, Barra de Tijuca and Maracana. In total, there will be thirty three venues. For football competitions, there will be some which will be held in Sao Paulo, Brasilia, Belo Horizonte and Salvador.

The total cost of the Summer Olympic Games is set to thirty seven billion Brazilian real. Tickets are also given. It ranges from forty to four thousand Brazilian real. To facilitate the games, the committee hired about eight thousand employees not including eighty five thousand third party employees.


Athletes Should Think Green

There is a Memorandum of Understanding between SEC (Singapore Environment Council) and SNOC (Singapore National Olympic Council). The Memorandum is all about giving athletes Eco Kit for the upcoming SEA (South East Asia) games, which will be held in Myanmar from December 11 to 22, 2013. The Eco Kit will contain reusable pieces like dishes and towels.


This is an initiative of the government to protect the environment. Athletes should contribute to the society. They will serve as the role model of teens. If you are training for SEA games, there are others things that you should think beside going green. You should also think about:


When you play, you should think of the friends you would win not the enemies or opponents you will beat. Your sport will serve as you avenue to meet new people. You will meet many people with the same interest. Isn’t it thrilling?


Sportsmanship is a conduct that is considered fitting for athletes. It covers the playing fair, respect for fellow athletes and graciousness should you lose. This is an important for all athletes. You need to accept that sometimes, you will lose. If you cannot accept that, playing is not for you.


Discipline in sports means ensuring proper behaviour during training and the actual game. It is more like a mindset. You should be trained to have order and control.

Enjoy the game

When you play, you should enjoy every second of it. Whether you win or lose, taking pleasure in what you do can make a difference. There are athletes that are very serious that they don’t remember to have fun. Games were developed so people can have fun not to create misunderstanding and dispute.

Good luck to the athletes and may they bring home gold.