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7 ‘Renovation’ Tricks for Your Rented Space Without Construction or Paint


Repainting and knocking down a wall are off your renovation checklist if you’re a renter. So, how are you going to renovate your space to make it look and feel more personal? There are so many non-permanent solutions to give your rented home some personality, and here’s a few of our favourites.

  1. Hang a unique piece in a blank wall. Decorate the walls with unique pieces other than framed photos and paintings. Perhaps you have a vintage wall decor you got from your mom’s house that would look great on an empty wall. If none, check out antique shops and thrift stores; you might find something that’s just perfectly weird enough.


  1. Add pops of colour with lamps. Lamps come in all shapes, colour and sizes, so why settle for a conventional brown lamp when you can display a neon green one? Don’t like neons? Go for muted colours. Just make sure it complements the rest of your interior.


  1. Pick interesting furnishings. If bold colours are too much for you, look for furniture in interesting designs and shapes. Think creatively when it comes to end tables, coffee tables and night stands. The sky is your limit.

  1. Play with cushion and pillow prints. You can instantly change up the look of a space by swapping out pillows. It is one of favourite decorating pieces for dummies. Play with colours, patterns and prints.


  1. Change up the hue with curtains. Since you can’t repaint the walls, let the curtains and a bit of sunshine do the trick. Pick sheer curtains that allow the sunlight to pass through and reflect a wash of colour into the room. That way, you add colour to your space without incurring permanent alteration.


  1. Bring in some greens. Group together three small, potted succulents on your coffee table, arrange your own bouquets in vases for your end tables or hang terrariums somewhere in the living room area. Plants bring colour and life into a space, so use them to your advantage.


  1. Keep it clean and organize. You may have the right pieces to decorate your home, but if it looks cluttered and untidy, these unique pieces won’t be able to shine, instead they’ll just add to the clutter you already have. Clean up and organize everything first before adding some more furnishings in your house.

As a space renter with limited freedom—or no freedom at all—to paint or tear down walls, decorating is your solution for renovation effects. So, use them and abuse them to your heart’s content.

Going Retro with Your Furnishings

Be your own interior designer by knowing what’s hip and cool in the world of retro furniture! Here are 5 furniture shops that offer the best retro furnishings for your home.


A furniture shop conceived by two neighbours with the common love for vintage furniture, Restore locates all kinds of old furniture and makes them beautiful. Restore brings back the beauty of every piece of furniture—be it chairs, sofas, display cabinets, or dining table—and sells them at a reasonable price. Located in Tanjong Pagar Rd, Restore is a shop-cum-café where you can get ideas for your interior design while enjoying their delicious waffles.

Like That One

If you are looking for retro furnishings that are distinctively Singapore, Like That One is the furniture shop to be. This shop has everything that you wish for—original, reclaimed, or eclectic vintage furniture. Situated in Bukit Batok St, Like That One is the choice for vibrant retro pieces.

Lorgan’s Retro Store

If you wish to decorate your home with furnishings from the ‘30s to the ‘70s, search no more and head straight to Pasir Panjan where Lorgan’s Retro Store is located. Lorgan’s Retro Store is a funkadelic warehouse that offers nothing but absolutely funky retro furniture. This shop offers uncommon knick-knacks you can’t find elsewhere.

Bangku Bangku Art Gallery

Bangku Bangku Art Gallery takes pride in their authentic furniture coming all the way from Indonesia.  Their attractive gallery in Joo Chiat Road showcases a wide range of vintage furniture inspired by Indonesian culture and heritage.

Second Charm

If you are in search of Peranakan and Victorian furniture styles for your home, Second Charm is sure to charm you with its display of elegant furniture. Situated in Kallang Ave, this quaint furniture shop exhibits lots of furniture styles including retro, art deco, and colonial.