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Work Hard, Live Harder

5 Habits to Practise for Better Life and Work Balance
These days, balancing work and personal life seems like an impossible feat. Technology made workers accessible for work around the clock, and the fear of job loss often causes employees to work longer hours. Sure, being this dedicated to your work helps you earn more and secure your job position. However, what many of us seem to forget is that having a never-ending workday can be detrimental to the health, personal relationships, and even to the overall happiness. Luckily, it’s never too late for us to change. Learn to practise the following habits, and you’ll soon get the work-life balance you want.

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  1. Let Go of Your Fears. One of the best ways to develop a healthy work-life balance is to let go of your fears. Stop thinking about how your company might fail or how your pending tasks pile up when you aren’t working. Once you’ve done a day’s work, let it go, take a good rest, and get back on them tomorrow. No one will blame you if you have some unchecked items on your to-do list.
  1. Schedule Your Personal Activities. Failed to attend your niece’s baptism? Passed on to your best friend’s birthday celebration? You may not notice it, but you’re probably sacrificing your personal activities for your work. A good way to prevent this from happening? Schedule and write out all your important personal activities in your desk calendar. That way, you’ll be able to schedule your leave a few days prior to that particular event. Remember, your personal activities are as important as any of your meetings.
  1. Set Work Boundaries. If your colleagues or customers think that it’s alright to call you in the middle of the night if they need something, then they’ll likely call you. Avoid this by setting firm boundaries about the time when you are and aren’t available for them. By doing this, you’ll be able to fully relax off work.


  1. Unplug From Technology. With the presence of smartphones and increasing demand on workers, it’s safe to say that we are living in an ‘always on’ culture. However, you have the power over your devices and you can take a technology break whenever you want. A good way to start this is by intentionally turning off your phone and leaving them in your safety drawer. This will greatly help you relax during your off-days and spend some quality time with your family or friends.
  1. Learn to Manage Your Energy. Instead of scheduling your tasks every minute of your time, schedule them according to your energy. Perform your extra tasks when you’re in a lull, and your important tasks when you’re energized.

Achieving a good work-life balance is quite difficult these days, but by learning to prioritize your personal and work-related activities, you’ll surely be able to achieve the balance that you want.

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How to Have a Better Garden


A garden is a great addition to any house. Not only can it be relaxing to stay in it, we also take great pride when we can bring something from our garden inside our homes, whether they’re beautiful flowers or vegetables we can have for dinner. Here are five ways anyone can improve their gardening.

Front yard of a house

  1. Compost

Composting is a great and very convenient way to get rid of your biodegradable waste. Not only will it help the environment, it will also improve the health of your plants and the quality of your produce. When you compost, make sure that it’s covered by a wire mesh so as to keep away vermin, which may not only damage your plants but are also sanitary hazards.

  1. Plant According to Your Location

Firstly, know that not all soil are the same. Yours can be clayish, sandy, rocky, or a combination of the three—allowing only certain plants to thrive. Another point to consider is the amount of light you have as some plants love the shade while others bask in the sun. The right plants will be less demanding and yield better results.

  1. Use Common Kitchen Wastes

If you’re just starting your garden, don’t buy any artificial products yet. Chances are, most of the things you need is already in your kitchen. Egg shells, for example, have high amounts of calcium carbonate, an essential element for many plants. Meanwhile, coffee grounds contain magnesium, copper and phosphorus, which make it a great soil supplement. Fruit peels and peppers are great for the soil too.

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  1. Pull weeds manually

It might seem tiresome at first, but weeding can actually be a relaxing activity. And it’s not just for your plants. It’s also a form of low-impact (and productive) exercise, and a perfect time to chat with a family member or a friend. Of course, its biggest advantage is that you’re guaranteed your plants won’t have any harmful chemicals from artificial herbicides.

  1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

This is the refrain of the Waste Management & Recycling Association of Singapore—and for good reason. Same with composting, reducing, reusing and recycling items help the environment and can be a boon to your garden. Just think that any used container—be they jars, cooking pots or Pringles cans—is a potential plant pot.


Who Are Preppers?

Have you heard about survivalism? Survivalism is a movement of individuals called survivalist or preppers who are getting ready for emergencies so they have higher chances of enduring it. There are a number of preppers here in Singapore and they are increasing every day.


Preppers are anticipating disruptions or disasters like:

  • Natural disasters: No one knows when the next disaster will strike here in Singapore. Preppers are getting ready for natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, blizzards, tsunamis, floods, thunderstorms, tornadoes and many more.
  • Anthropogenic disasters: Anthropogenic refers to the release of materials like nuclear or radioactive materials, spills, airborne diseases, etc.

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  • Collapse of society: When there is chaos, the society will surely collapse. There will be no law and order, it will be harder to access food, fuel, water and other necessities. Preppers are getting ready for shortage or unavailability of resources.
  • Economic collapse: Preppers are also anticipating that one of these days, economic collapse like  deflation, depression and hyperinflation will happen. These things are uncontrollable but preppers are ready for it.
  • Unexplained events: There are times that events are unexplained. Instead of figuring how it happened, preppers are one step ahead. They already set everything so they can survive any apocalyptic event.

Preppers acquire technical skills to survive disruptions or disasters mentioned above. Preppers particularly obtain self-defence and medical training. Apart from that, they also consider stockpiling water and food. There are preppers who would go to the extent of building structures for retreat when things go sour.  

It is your choice to be a prepper. You can engage the family to get prepared in case terrible things happen.


Save Your Money – Strategies to Enjoy your Holiday

Nowadays, gas and other stuffs are increasing in price. Because of this, many people are having a hard time to decide whether to proceed on their vacation. Planning a vacation needs planning and most especially money but since commodities today are quite expensive, making people tend to disregard most probably a beach trip. However, in any beach vacation, there is always a way of making it cheaper.  Yes, it can be affordable but you need to budget all your possible expenses.


When you want to pursue a beach trip, there are a lot of things to do and consider. You need to book for a flight, find some nice hotels, and bring some nutritious yet cheap foods and much more. In reality, you need to have money if ever you go out of your place. It’s not just for foods and everything but for emergency purposes. Like for instance, you have paid everything about your trip (from flights to hotels), when suddenly the hotel or perhaps the airline company announces that there are payments that is needed to be paid. To avoid these, money must be also be at your side.


First and foremost, before going to a place, you need to have a good research to equate the cost of the trip. Being knowledgeable about the place is very necessary especially if it is the first time you’ll visit the area. Also, do research even if it is the one of the famous beaches in your town. Research what? Basically, you will be going to explore about the climate, people, culture, laws, foods and anything that’s worth knowing.



Things that We Usually Miss in Our Hometown

Mainst1 Home Cook Food

After a stressful day in the office, the only thing that you want to do is to eat to make all of that vanish. And from all the available scrumptious food you see while walking, you are naturally craving for the food that your mom usually cooks for you at home. Well, this is not a new scenario for those people who work away from home. They surely miss those home cook meals that ever since makes their tummy happy and pleased.

Childhood Best Friend

Usually, we find our great friends in our Hometown. A best friend that is so sincere and simple. He or she just loves you for who you are and will always be your number one fan.  In reality, it is hard to find somebody you can be trusted in the big city. Yes, everybody is your best friend but not all of them are true to you. Living in a place that is full of ambition, competition and practicality will make you hard to find someone great as your childhood best friend. You will surely going to miss his/her loyalty and unfussiness.

Family Gatherings

You will always miss those times that you are sharing your enjoyable moments with your whole family. Dancing, partying at night whenever there is a reason to celebrate. Who will never long for the hype you get with your family when there is a feast. Living and working far away from your hometown will make you excited to come back home to experience everything again.