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Why Women Still Love Leonardo Di Caprio

It’s been decades since Hollywood superstar and heartthrob Leonardo Di Caprio stole the hearts of not just the women in Singapore but all over the world. He first became a certified heartthrob with his film adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet opposite his on-screen Juliet, Claire Danes. He rose to superstardom as Jack Dawson in the blockbuster film, Titanic. Girls who grew up loving the actor are already in their late twenties or early thirties. These women have seen numerous handsome faces but their undying love and devotion for Leo still remains strong.


Leo and His Boyish Looks

It’s no riddle that Leonardo has captured hearts because of his charming good looks. He won’t be considered for the roles of Romeo or Jack Dawson if not for his matinee role in the first place. Leo inherited his good looks not just from his American blood but also from a mixture of European races from his beloved grandmother’s side. His eyes are awesome blue-green. But what’s great about Leonardo is he doesn’t like to be just a heartthrob and even doesn’t care much about his looks as much as he cares about the roles he portray.

Leo and His Movies

Leonardo has just won an Oscar and he deserves every bit of it. In fact, this trophy is long overdue when the whole world has already recognized his acting prowess and has even long been making noise in social media memes to give Leo an Oscar already! Leonardo chooses his films carefully and has worked with a lot of great actors and directors as well. You can bet you’re watching a great film if it’s starred by Leonardo Di Caprio.

Leo and His Smart Words

Now that more and more people are becoming environmentally aware of climate change and such, quotes from Leo are more often coming up in social media. There’s plenty to quote from him, too. He talks about swearing never to use drugs when he was still a teenager. He talks about conserving and saving the environment. He talks about not living such an outrageous lifestyle because of his wealth and fame. His words are just so inspiring!


Leo and His Mom and Granny

Leo has had flings and even long term relationships – mostly with supermodels – but is still single and probably the hottest bachelor in the world. He has long confessed that he can’t imagine seeing himself with another woman apart from his mom and grandma. That’s how much he loves these women! He even takes them as his dates on red carpet events and award nights.

Leo and His Love for the Environment

Accepting the Oscar trophy with a call to action on climate change? Who can beat an Oscar speech such as that? Leonardo keeps proving to the whole world what kind of substantial intelligent and responsible human being he is. He uses his fame not for worthless things but on spreading awareness on climate change, saving the environment, saving the endangered species of animals, talking to politicians on global issues – and he’s not even running for politics!