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Apple Watch, Finally  

On March 9, 2015, all eyes were at the Yerba Buena Centre for the Arts in San Francisco. Apple finally revealed their Apple Watch. Singaporeans are anticipating the coming of Apple Watch here in Singapore.


Since it is not yet widely available in the market, it is crucial that we learn few things about it so we will know what to expect. Here are some things that we should know about Apple Watch:

  • Basics: Apple Watch boasts of its touchscreen-based screen with imbedded sensors. The Watch should be tethered to a smartphone of course. The sensors will measure the steps, heart rate, speed and distance.
  • Control: Apple Watch’s control is through Siri. This means that it is voice command.


  • What it can do: What makes Apple Watch exceptional? It can ping notifications from popular applications. The notifications will be in the form of vibrate to catch our attention. The Watch can also sense movements and surroundings. Based on the movements or surroundings, it can then act accordingly. For example, it can recognize compatible cashier desk and launch Apple Pay.
  • Battery: Experts believe that the battery of Apple Watch will not last long under heavy use however, it can ensure up to five hours of use. There is also a feature called “power reserve” mode that can extend battery life.

This smart watch can do so much with the things mentioned above. There are no reports how much this watch will cost but to be safe, we have to assume that this is costly. Despite its price, its function is more than what we need.

Let us wait together for its launching.


How Can We Tell If We Are Using Genuine Microsoft Label?  

If our laptops and desktops are using Microsoft software, we have to use genuine label. The company strongly abhors the use of pirated software. The risks of using pirated software costs more that we think. There are many people offering pirated software not only here in Singapore but around the world.


For consumers who would go for the pirated software, they have to know the risks of using one. If we use pirated software, our PC could get dangerous malware. This malware could be used by people to hack into our webcam and get data like passwords and cash data.

If we use genuine Microsoft Label, we will be assured a safe, secure and stable computer unit. Here are some things that we can consider to distinguish a pirated and genuine label:


  • Always look for the label: Whenever we buy laptops or new computer units, authorized dealer nationwide will offer genuine label. If we want to be sure, we should look for the label. We can even ask where Certificate of Authenticity (COA) is. Microsoft label or COA is not the software license but it is a visual identifier that determines whether it is genuine or not.
  • Product Activation: For genuine labels, product activation is needed. The product activation is a simple process. We only need to enter the activation key for the system to work. We only need the installation ID.

Now that we know how to tell if we are using genuine Microsoft label, we have better chances of securing our units. The risks associated with pirated software is not a joke and it should be taken seriously.


An Out-of-This-World App

Innovation makes life more interesting. Like in the case of the new app that lets you hide your messages and letting your friends physically uncover or decipher it. This application is called Trace. Trace is designed by scientists who believe that Facebook and other platforms promote passive receivers.


With this, they made an application that will surely bring the receivers into a new level of fun and interaction. For your information, Trace offers augmented reality that will create “immersive” experience to the receiver. The designers are Beau Lotto (a neuroscientist) and Richard Clarke (a perception researcher).

This application works in an interesting way – you send your friends a message (hidden message that is) then you urge them to go “treasure hunting” to uncover or decipher the message. If you want the message that you sent disappear, you can do that. This is indeed more meaningful than just sitting there and reading the email or message. The quirky quest makes things different and unique.


If you do not like this idea, you can just send an email or message to your friends in Facebook but where is the fun in it? Trace app will bring a whole new colour and fun to your conversations and your relationship in general. So, what are you waiting for? This is worth the try. Download the application now and feel its difference.

For now, the application is only available in the United Kingdom. Though it is not yet available here in Singapore, you can only imagine many Singaporeans welcoming the out-of-this-world app when the time comes. Let us be patient. It will come here soon.


Getting to Know Yoshi More

Playing video games is part of the childhood of every Singaporean. There are many video games in the industry but perhaps, the most beloved is Supermario here in Singapore and the rest of the world. If you love Supermario, for sure you are familiar of its characters. There’s Mario, Luigi and their cute sidekick – Yoshi.


You often read about the characters of Mario and Luigi but little is mentioned about Yoshi. This time, Yoshi deserve the spotlight. So, here are the things that you need to know about Yoshi:

  • Creator and publisher: Yoshi is created by Shigefumi Hino. Yoshi appeared in many video games published by the famous Nintendo.
  • Real name: Yoshi’s real name is T. Yoshisaur Munchakoopas. He is a fictional anthropomorphic dinosaur. Sometimes Yoshi is referred as a dragon.


  • Abilities: Yoshi is beloved because of his abilities. He has a tongue that can extend a distance which allows him to devour anything. If it cannot be eaten, he will spit it towards the enemies. Yoshi’s tongue can be used as a hook to tug objects. Yoshi can lay eggs that can be thrown to his enemies.
  • Appearances: Yoshi first appeared in Super Mario World (1990). After that, Yoshi also appeared in his own series – Yoshi’s Island. Other appearances include Super Mario World 2, Mario Games, Mario Party, Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros. series and New Super Mario Bros. Wii.
  • Yoshi’s future: Yoshi have come so far. In fact, he is set to board on a new adventure next year. He will be featured in Yoshi’s Woolly World. Many people are looking forward to this.



That Powerful Google Glass

You fancy sci-fi movies because of the technologies they present. For example, the protagonists use glasses that can communicate with the internet through voice commands. It may look impossible 20 or 30 years ago but it is different now. Modern technology allowed for the development and production of these kinds of glasses.


In case you still do not know, Google is offering Google Glass. Google Glass was presented to the public on May 15, 2014. It is available in Singapore if you are interested. Singaporeans can buy it at US $1500. If you want to know more about the glasses, you should read further. Here are some specifications of Google Glass worth mentioning:

  • Background: Google Glass is a breakthrough because it is a computer that you can wear. Google Glass is equipped with Optical Head-mounted Display or commonly known as OHMD. The mission of Google is to produce an omniscient computer that can be used by everyone. Google partnered with Luxottica (owners of Oakley and Ray Ban) to provide more frame designs.
  • Operating system, battery, CPU and memory:  The operating system should be Android version 4.4.2. Its battery is Lithium Polymer. The Glass offers OMAP 4430 SoC (dual-core) and 1GB RAM of memory.

Brian Ho

  • Display and storage: Google Glass is proud of its stylish prism projector. The projector has 640×360 pixels of display. Furthermore, it offers LED display that is polarized. Its storage is 16 GB Flash in total.
  • Sound and input: The bone conduction transducer enables rich sound. The input is trough voice command using the microphone together with the accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscope. Google Glass is also equipped with ambient light sensor as well as proximity sensor.
  • Camera and connectivity: Google Glass also takes pride in its camera. The camera can capture photos as well as record videos. You can take clear shots because of its 5MP camera. It can record high definition videos up to 720p. You can connect through the internet because it is Wi-Fi ready. You can also connect it to your Bluetooth and use micro USB for additional storage.
  • Dimensions and weight: Google Glasses has 22×21 inches dimension. It only weights 50 grams.
  • Compatibility: Google Glass can work with any phone as long as it has Bluetooth. The application (MyGlass companion) necessitates Android 4.0.3 (or higher) if not iOS 7.0 (or higher).
  • Touchpad: On the side of the glasses, there is a touchpad. The touchpad will allow users to switch the device’s applications. Sliding backwards will show recent events while sliding forward will show previous events.

google-glass (1)

Play, Smash and Learn

Feeding your kids is not easy especially if they are very picky of their food. You tried everything but they still do not understand the importance of food and what it can bring to the body. As a parent, it is important that you bring nutrition awareness to your kids and make sure that they embrace or practice it.


How will you make things interesting for them? You can introduce a game for a start. There is an online application that teaches kids the value of nutrition. Instead of playing with their foods, kids can play this online application. This is called Smash Your Food. This application is more than a game; it will challenge your kids to guess how much sugar, oil or salt a specific food carries. Before you introduce this game to your kids, you need to know some things about it. Here are some:

  • Recommended by the First Lady: Smash Your Food is actually the winner of the contest “Apps for Healthy Kids”. The contest was spearheaded by America’s First Lady, Michelle Obama. The game targets obese children not only in America but the whole world.


  • Features: Initially, the game features forty (more or less) food items that your kid can crush. If the food item is crushed, it will unveil how much calories your child can take and how he/she can avoid it. Apart from that, the game boasts of high definition video accompanied by rich sound effects when the food is smashed.
  • Challenges: Like other games, Smash Your Food also offers levelling up. There are also challenges included. For example, if your child committed not to drink soda, points will be added. It does not end there because there will be a reminder in case your kid forgets.
  • Advises for parents: The game will give parents nutritional advice. The game will provide kids with proper nutritional information for more sensible approach when it comes to consuming of food.

This application is available here in Singapore. It is only available for iOS users though. It costs $2.99 and it requires iOS 4.3 (or higher). It can be installed on iPhone Touch, iPads and iPhones. This is a fun and dynamic way of teaching your kids about health and nutrition. Knowing this, you should share and spread this to your fellow Singaporeans who are also struggling to feed their kids healthy foods.

If you need more details, you can visit the application’s website. What are you waiting for? Mobilize your whole family to eat and live well. Good luck!