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Faster and More Convenient Check-In  


Check-in is inconvenient sometimes considering the long queue (no offense meant to the airlines). This is the reason why we should be at the airport as early as we can to avoid the stress of long queues. Oh, how we wish to skip the counters! Thankfully here in Singapore, there exists Fast and Seamless Travel (FAST).


What is FAST? FAST is an initiative to make the lives of passengers easier and more convenient. In fact, starting August 12, the passengers of Singapore Airlines and SilkAir can utilize the twenty four check-in kiosks installed in Terminal 2 for quicker and more convenient check-in.

The passengers of the said airline can process their boarding pass as well as their bag tags at the kiosks before going to Departure Immigration. If the traveller is still not comfortable with the kiosks, they can consider online or mobile check-in.


After checking-in at the kiosks, the passengers can drop their bags at the drop counters. According to the Changi Airport Group, this new system will cater to passengers in a matter of time unlike our traditional set-up. As of the moment, passengers are still familiarizing it. It will only be a matter of time for passengers to get used to it.

This is just a trial as the airport is still developing it. The trial will also be extended to Terminal 3. The full suite of FAST is still under development but hopefully it can be released next year. This initiative is an adaptation of a global push towards self-service. Self-service options especially on airports will improve its efficiency and productivity.