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6 Make-Up Tricks for Round-Face Girls


Before getting into the fun stuff, there’s one thing we would want to put emphasis on: round-shape face is a blessing, not a curse. Rather than loading up your face with contour for a chiselled look, embrace its lovely symmetry that’s uniquely its own. Just like dressing up for your unique body type, putting on make-up is about playing up your features and finding the most flattering look on you.

  1. Start With Your Brows

The eyes are the windows to your soul, and your brows are the privileged ones to frame those windows—especially for round-face gals. Focus on perfecting the arch of your brows to put emphasis on the length of the face, instead of the width. Just keep in mind not to shape your brows into a rounded arch shape. Rounded brows on a round face in never flattering.

  1. Bring the Attention to Your Favourite Feature

Do you have natural hazel eyes? Were you born with pouty puckers? Whatever feature you wish to highlight, giving it a bit more of attention will balance the roundness of the face. Try to do a smoky eye (with a dramatic pair of falsies) and nude lips, or the other way around—neutral eyes and a bold lip colour that matches your skin tone.

  1. Keep Your Wing on Fleek

A winged liner may not be easy to master, but it works perfectly for round-faced beauties once you do. After putting on your eye make-up, go bold with a winged liner. The upward flick is naturally slimming and gives your eyes a more seductive look.

  1. Play With Angles

After putting on a full face of make-up, highlight and bronze the face—no contours if possible to preserve your youthful look. Dust some highlighting powder on the center of your forehead, down the bridge of the nose and a tiny bit on the chin to add length to the face. Then, bronze the perimeters of the face for a more tanned look.

  1. Rosy Up the Cheeks

Don’t shy away from blushes for the fear of your cheeks dominating your face. When applying blush, just make sure not to get too close to your nose. Start right below your cheekbones, blending up and towards the temple. This gives your face a visual lift.

  1. Gloss the Lip

No matter what colour of lipstick you wear, it helps to keep this round-faced make-up tip in mind. Luscious lips are sure-fire way to elongate the face. Especially with a darker lip, adding some gloss will bring the focus to the bottom of the face, so it appears longer and slimmer.

Remember, these make-up tips aren’t meant to alter your face shape. They’re about bringing out your best features and making them work you.

Waterproof Beauty Products to Stock-Up on This Summer


Summer season calls for poolside parties, beach getaways, and water sports, so you’d want to ensure that you’ll always look flawless for any activity that you will—and may unexpectedly—attend. To save you from make-up mishaps and frequent touch-ups, stock-up on these weather-proof beauty products that stays on beautifully AM to PM.


  1. Make Up For Ever Face and Body Liquid Foundation

To keep your skin looking its best, enlist the help of Make Up For Ever Face and Body Liquid Foundation. This satin finish foundation hydrates dry patches, giving your face a natural-looking glow that’s perfect for hot days in the beach.

  1. Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Concealer

One of the worst beauty nightmares that a humid environment can cause is melting your concealer. Aside from unravelling zits and dark under-eye circles, a bad concealer can look cakey under humid weather. Invest in a full-coverage, long-lasting concealer that’s got your back through rain and shine—literally!

  1. Cargo Swimmables Water Resistant Blush

Enjoy splashing in the beach looking gorgeous with Cargo Swimmables Water Resistant Blush. Silicone and amino acids are two of the top ingredients of this water-proof formula that help the pigment grip on the skin even when you’re soaking wet.


  1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade

Anastasia is the queen when it comes to crafting immaculate brows, so trust this amazing product when it says it’ll tame and keep your browns in place 24/7. This all-in-one pomade can make your brows weather-proof, sweat-proof, and totally smudge-proof, so you can guarantee face-framing archs that last all day long.

  1. Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadows

A single swipe is all it takes to paint colour to your lids with Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow Sticks. These creamy eye shadows are a great way to inject colour to your make-up looks this summer. The product glides on smoothly, leaving a water-proof shimmer on the eyes that guarantees to stay put even when you sweat or oil up.

  1. Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara

The cult favourite Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara now has much better formula that’s fitting for the summer season. The waterproof version has collagen in it, stimulating the growth of your lashes, and a buildable formula to add a dramatic flair to the eyes that stay put all day, in dry or damp situations.

  1. Stila All Day Liquid Lipstick

Stila’s all-day lasting lipstick does exactly what it says on the package. Choose from 10 different shades—from pinks to bold colours—for a vibrant lip colour perfect for summer. The texture is smooth and creamy but lightweight, and the formula stays put even after several dines and drinks.

Nobody wants a ‘melted make-up’ look. Even when it’s hot and humid outside, it shouldn’t stop you from looking fabulous. Add these beauty products to your make-up stash for a look that’s on fleek, rain or shine.


5 Reasons to Love Your Cellulite


Like any other imperfection, cellulite is something that society believes every woman should not have. And if you’re unfortunate enough to have them, you have to work extra hard to completely get rid of them.


Cellulite creams and gels in the market all promise perfect results. However, the ripples, waves, dimples and lumps you naturally have in your body are worth loving. Here are the reasons why:

  1. There’s Almost Nothing You Can Do About It

Trying to get rid of cellulite can be painful and is time consuming—and even if you go through all of that, results aren’t permanent and might not even work at all. So, it’s likely you’re not going to eliminate it and you’re going to have to live with it. And if you will have to live your entire life with it, might as well love it.

  1. Cellulite Treatments Are Expensive

Getting rid of the ripples on your thighs, whether through topical solution or laser removal, are not cheap. Aside from having to spend more money, you’ll have to set aside more time as some treatment methods require multiple treatment sessions. A much cheaper and more convenient solution? Acceptance.

  1. Most Women Have Them

It’s not that most women did not meet the ideal beauty standards. It’s just that the stored fats can create lumps in certain areas of the body, and this does not exempt even the vegans, body builders, athletes and celebrities.


  1. It’s Too Hot and Humid to Hide Them

Wearing jeans may hide the lumps, but with Singapore’s hot and humid weather, it’s not always practical to be in pants. Go out in shorts, skirts and dresses if you feel like wearing one. Whatever makes you feel comfortable, wear them. Don’t let the cellulites dictate your wardrobe.

  1. Men Don’t Care About Them

Let’s clarify this. Worthy men will not dump you because of your cellulite. And if you feel like you’re dating someone who makes a big deal of your imperfections, disengage and run. You should not be wasting time with people who put down your confidence with your body.

Each one of us is unique and beautiful, and these flaws add to the uniqueness we already possess. Instead of hating and trying to change these features, accept and embrace them. Free your mind from the worries about your imperfections and you’ll feel happy and confident with your own skin.

A Guide to Finding a High Quality Pre-Owned Designer Item

There will come a time where an expensive designer item catches your eye. It might be a quilted Chanel handbag, or a special piece of jewellery. Like most women who are on a tight budget, however, it became clear to you that a handbag worth S$1,500 isn’t a realistic purchase. But with a little budget adjustment and the help of the following tips, it’s possible to score an affordable pre-owned designer item.


  1. Scour the Internet

Luckily for you, the internet is a gold mine of pre-owned designer pieces – if you just know where to look. You might get tempted to look through Craigslist or EBay, but remember that unless you can see the item in person, you’ll be relying on the seller’s word that the product is authentic. Just be extra cautious if you’re going this route, since we’ve seen people got ripped off on these sites.

A better option than searching through the aforementioned sites is to tap into resale companies that specialize in pre-owned designer items. They hold various items from well-known brands, and they also carry every style there is. What’s even better is that fashion experts verify the authenticity of these items to make sure that no knockoffs slip through.

  1. Research Before Heading to a Thrift Shop

Thrift shops, vintage boutiques, and consignment stores are among the best places to find designer items at affordable prices. The trick to this approach is knowing what exactly you’re looking for, and being appropriately sceptical. Also, before heading out to visit your local boutiques, make sure to read up on the signs of a designer knockoff. After all, it’s quite easy for anybody to sew a designer label on a fake bag or garment.

If you’re unsure of an item’s authenticity, ask the store’s manager or owner as to how they verified if the item was real. Most second-hand retailers don’t verify their items, but if you’re shopping at a vintage boutique or a consignment store, they likely have a screening process for designer pieces.


  1. Stick With Quality

Although finding your dream item might be impossible on your first try, never settle on something just because it’s set in a good deal. It might take you several months before you find the style and brand that you want at the right price, but be patient. After all, nothing beats the feeling of unwrapping your own authentic designer item, and being complimented as you use it.

Although finding an affordable and authentic designer item is quite challenging, putting these tips to work will surely help you find a high quality pre-owned designer piece you can call your own.


A Busy Woman’s Guide to Making Herself Look Good


Women are particular with their looks the moment they step out of the house. Whether it is just for an errand of for a whole day of work, a woman puts effort to appear pleasing. In this age where less is more, these seven tricks will give a busy woman a refreshing look that will in turn make her feel good while walking the streets outside her home.


  1. Matched clothes. Being busy is not an excuse to wear whatever is on the top of your clothes’ drawer. Plan your outfits ahead and keep your clothes arranged in the closet. Putting-on wrinkled clothes is a no-no at any time of the day. Know the rules of matching clothes. Printed tops go with plain pants and vice-versa. Experiment on color-combination too. Be creative and feel good with your chosen outfit for the day!


  1. Facial powder press. With Singapore’s tropical climate, a powder press is at the top of every woman’s must-have. Powder press can absorb the sweat and oil that accumulate in the face. Be sure though to carefully choose the shade that will complement your skin tone. Applying quick powder press will surely give a constant refreshing look like no other!


  1. A dab of lipstick. Lipsticks are secret weapons for a charming look. Several brands with a wide selection of shades are available in stores. Collect your favorite colors and try one shade per day. It is a must to put on lipstick because this keeps your lips hydrated and protects it from being dry. It is a moisturizer and a make-up for fuller lips rolled in one!

The Classic Red Lip Illamasqua Sanger Lipstick (5)

  1. Touch of eyeliner. Beautiful eyes are emphasized with the use of the eyeliner. Applying it may feel uncomfortable at first but it becomes really easy with just a few practices. In no time, you will be an expert in putting eyeliner. This make-up trick is time-efficient with guaranteed great results!


  1. Hair brush. A messed-up hair will make a woman look haggard and stressed. A hair brush will keep your hair smooth and tangle-free. Sporting a hair-do for the day will also be made easy with a hair brush. A well-kept hair will keep up to its title as a woman’s crowning glory!


  1. Cologne sprinkle. When an expensive perfume is not available, a sprinkle of body cologne will work just the same. Always carry around your favorite scent so that you can splash it on your wrist and at the back of your ears anytime. The sweet scent will linger, giving you a fresh smell to last for the day!


  1. Clean shoes. A woman’s shoes are a reflection of her personality. Always, always wear clean shoes. If its leather, make sure it is shined; if its rubber shoes, make sure it is washed. Wearing clean and comfortable shoes will make you feel like you are walking on sunshine every day!

These things to remember will only take a fraction of time from a woman’s busy schedule. These are easy to prepare but will give any woman a great impression to herself and to those around her. More importantly, these will give confidence so that a woman will continue to accomplish what needs to be done – beautifully.