Dance Revolution in Singapore

Singapore is home to various dance repertoires stemming from its multicultural society. From classic, traditional dances to popular and modern ones, there is something you can watch and enjoy. You can begin by considering the following performances:



Bharatanatyam or the dance of fire is a famous dance from India, which has spread its popularity worldwide. To date, it is the most widely performed Indian dance. Bharatanatyam is an amalgamation of rhythm, music, expression and grace. The dance is famous because of the statue like poses that stresses every moment. Thanks to the Singapore Indian Fine Arts Society, which trains dancers of Bharatanatyam, performances can be seen at the Sri Srinivasa Temple.



ECNAD is actually “dance” when it is spelled backwards. The dance company is founded by Tan How Choon and Lim Chin Huat. ECNAD is comprised of 3 units- creative services, artistic development and education. For fourteen years, ECNAD created at least fifty works but their most recognized works include Missing in Tall Pillars, Metamorphosis and CampFire 2009.

Folk Dance


Folk dance has a simple, timely appeal. In Singapore, there are at least three ethnic communities with different folk dances: Indians feature courtesan dances that are insistent and graceful at the same time; Malay folk dances are a mixture of foreign influences; while Chinese folk dance often depicts Rice Harvest. Watch out for these folk dances every Chingay Festival.

For the schedules of performances, you can search for local listings. It is important that you support and encourage local artists and talents. Some of our dance performers and companies are known worldwide for their performances. Dancing is fun for the dancers and the audiences. Enjoy the performances!

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