DIY Halloween Decorating Ideas

Apart from Christmas, the Halloween is a great season for decorating. Many Singaporeans are excited to commemorate this holiday in honour of their loved ones. If you want to make your home extra scary and fun, there are many decorating ideas that you can consider.


Your home decoration does not need to be expensive. There are various DIY Halloween decorating ideas that you can consider. Here are some cheap decorating ideas that you can try:

  • Tin can luminaries: If you have available cans lying around, you can make it into something fun. Tin can luminaries can make your driveway stunning. You can just create holes and put some luminaries inside.
  • Glow in the dark pumpkins: Glow in the dark things is widely popular here in Singapore. You can introduce this new trend and awe your guests. You can just buy glow in the dark luminaries and look for pumpkins.
  • Wire ghost: If you have chicken wire fencing, you can make a hanging ghost. Instead of considering plan-old white sheet, you can just form a figure and let it hang.

diy cheese cloth ghost

  • Centrepiece: No table is complete without the presence of centrepieces. If you have extra and empty bottles, you can spray paint the bottles and decorate it however you want. Your centrepiece will be complete with the help of candy corn.
  • Chandelier: You cannot limit your imagination and creativity. If you want, you can make a bat chandelier. The chandelier can be placed at your porch or inside the house.
  • Hanging ghosts: Never forget about your ghosts. You only need Styrofoam balls, cloth and marker. If you choose, you can make many.

Now you can spook your guests with your decorations.


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