Features of the Best Motorcycle Helmet

I love shopping for motorcycle helmets. Thankfully, there are a lot of highly reliable motorcycle brands to choose from in Singapore. I believe that making the right choice on this product is a must as this can spell a difference between life and death. Countless motorcyclists have already been saved by the right choice of even the simplest helmet. A real motorcycle enthusiast is wise enough to know what features are important to look for in a motorcycle helmet. Let me share with you what these features are so you can make the best choice:


Safety certification

Let me start with the most important feature to look for in a motorcycle helmet – its safety feature. It’s easy to know if a particular model has passed safety standards as the motor industry has set stringent regulations to be considered safe. Manufacturers also provide high emphasis on the high quality construction materials they used on the helmet in order to make it safe and durable.

Adjustable padding

You’ll want to look for a motorcycle helmet that has an adjustable padding. This feature adds overall comfort and the right fit as it tries to fits snugly on your head as well as cheeks and chin.

Air vents

The best motorcycle helmet has great air vents. Most of the leading brands have spent considerable budget and attention on the design of their helmet’s ventilation. Air vents are important for your overall comfort. You wouldn’t want to keep wearing a helmet that’s too uncomfortable as it feels damp and hot. The best models provide good air flow making you feel cool and comfy.


Bright stand out color

I will also advise looking for a motorcycle helmet that’s designed with a bright stand out color as this will make you easily conspicuous on the road. This is an added safety feature as the right color can make you highly visible when you’re driving in traffic or in low light conditions.

Reliable noise control

The best motorcycle helmets are also those that have reliable noise control and can keep external and engine noise to a low level. Noise control is very important as one can easily suffer from hearing loss if you don’t take the right safety precautions. Wind noise level of 85 dB inside the helmet can already cause irreversible hearing loss. It is therefore important to look for a motorcycle helmet with a great aerodynamic design.


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