Features of the Best Shaving Cream

Singaporean men can choose a variety of beard trimmers with high end and expensive features but this still doesn’t do away the need for a shaving cream. A shaving cream is an important grooming essential if you want to have a comfortable grooming experience. A good shaving cream can spell the difference between a smooth skin and a skin with lots of accidental cuts. This is also helpful in giving you a smooth and safe beard trimming procedure as the cream helps your beard trimmer glide smoothly over your face without causing any bleeding. When it comes to choosing the best shaving cream, these are the features you’ll want to look for:


Made of Natural Ingredients

The best shaving cream is the one that’s made of natural ingredients such as olive oil and aloe vera juice. These natural chemicals are good for most skin types and provide numerous benefits such as keeping your skin’s natural balance, keeping your skin well hydrated, cell regeneration, and protection from skin inflammation.

Best for Your Skin Type

We have different skin types such as dry, sensitive, and oily skin. This was taken into consideration by the manufacturers of shaving creams so they developed shaving creams that are designed specifically for a particular skin type. In this skin, the best shaving cream for a person with dry skin may be different to a person with a sensitive skin.

Good Lubricant

A reliable shaving cream is one that acts as a good lubricant while you’re trimming your beard. As a lubricant, the shaving cream should aid your beard trimmer glide smoothly over your face without causing any bleedings. This is its main and most important function.


Right Fragrance

Some shaving cream manufacturers have added additive fragrance on their products that can be irritable to the skin especially with those of sensitive skin types. It is important to choose a shaving cream with fragrance coming mostly from its natural ingredients. Your cream’s fragrance should ideally be cool and subtle.

Pleasant After-Shave Feel

The best shaving cream gives off a pleasant after-shave feel. This pleasant after-shave feel is defined as light and silky to the skin as well as giving off a cool and fresh feeling. An unpleasant after-shave feel is defined as uncomfortable, irritable, and gives off a funny feel. You may want to read on some product reviews to know whether a model gives off a pleasant after-shave feel or not.

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