Jailbreaking Your iOS: The Pros and Cons


If not all, most of iOS owners have at least looked into the possibility of jailbreaking their devices. While it’s tempting to get full control of the customization of your phone, jailbreaking also voids your iPhone of its warranty. Are you willing to sacrifice the security of your device in exchange for some handy applications? Here are the pros and cons to ponder before proceeding with the jailbreak.


Pro: A Whole New World of Apps

If you jailbreak your iOS device, you can install applications that are not available in the App Store. For example, Cydia is an app source that allows you to download and install unauthorized apps—games and networking apps—in your device.

Pro: More Customization

If you want your device to be more customizable, there are a myriad of themes available in Cydia to alter your wallpaper, icons, and text fonts. WinterBoard is also a handy customization app that allows you to do the same things, although it’s said that it doesn’t work on iPads.

Pro: Free Tethering

Ever wished to use your iOS device as a modem to connect your laptop to the Internet? While cellular companies offer this service, which is called “tethering,” it comes with a price or is part of high-priced service plans. Jailbroken devices can use this service for free, thanks to unauthorized applications like MyWi, which can be downloaded through Cydia.


Con: Vulnerability to Malware

Jailbreaking totally removes the walls that Apple has built into their system and allowing you to download apps from any website you want. And since you are free to install any unscreened apps, you are an easier target for malicious software.

Con: Unsupported Apps on Every System Update

Jailbroken applications are not always supported in newer versions of iOS. Therefore, each time Apple pushes a system update, it will erase the jailbreak and the apps that depend on it. You will have to jailbreak your device again, reinstall the jailbroken apps, and hope they still work the same.

Con: Poor Anti-Virus Protection

There is not much anti-virus app available for Apple, and the few that exists offer very limited abilities. Why? That’s because Apple locked down its operating system, making it 99.9% secure even on its own—without the need of any anti-virus app. However, if you jailbreak your unit, it’s up to you how to secure your device from malicious programs.

If you intend to jailbreak your iOS device, make sure to do thorough research about the things you will be getting—because you’re entering a realm of no restrictions. Study how exposed you’re going to be and carefully deliberate whether the pros outweighs the cons of jailbreaking.


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