Singapore – Problems in Your Plumbing System

It is very important to check our plumbing system so that we can have the best potable water that we can use in our everyday life. But when there is a problem, we tend check and leave it until the problem becomes worst. So, what are the common plumbing problems?


These are the following:

Leaky Faucets and Pipes – Fixing leaky faucets as soon as possible will save you hundreds of gallons per year. Repairing a faucet is a very easy problem to solve because you only need to change its washer. If you can see dripping water again, consult a professional plumber to make sure that it can be fixed properly.


  • Low Water Pressure – When your water pressure begins to slow down, there might be an object that obstructs the water pipes and prevent it from pouring the exact amount of water. Or there might be a serious breakdown on the main pipeline.
  • Running Toilet – This might be the reason why your water bill increases. Actually, it is very difficult to detect if leaks occur in toilets because its pipes and tubes are located under the bowl. If you think calling plumbing companies for assistance is expensive, then, you can do self detection of leak in the toilet. To distinguish a leak in your bathroom, just simply add few drops of food coloring. After 20 minutes, see the color of the water. If you see a tinted color in the bowl, there might be a problem.


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