Singapore’s World Class Hospitals

As Singapore boasts their financial stability and low crime rate, they also show off their state-of-the-art facilities and world class hospitals. Based on the world ranking which was conducted by World Health Organization (WHO), Singapore ranked number 6 in terms of efficiency on the facilities and equipment they are using.


Because of this, Singapore has the lowest mortality rate for infants. The hospitals in the country is categorized by public hospital (which are cheaper) and private hospital. The only advantage of going to private hospitals is that you’ll avoid the crowd in public health care centers.

Below are the world class hospitals that the country boasts.


  • Singapore General Hospital – This one of the oldest hospitals in the country that is built in 1821 and was revamped in 1981. Actually, it is also the largest hospital in Singapore is in can occupy nearly 1500 hospital beds.
  • Mount Elizabeth Hospital – This hospital (popularly known as Mount E) has 345 hospital beds and the first Asian hospital that has been awarded as winner for the Asian Management award.
  • Raffles Hospital – This private hospital was made popular after having a successful surgery for Siamese twins without complications.

There are a lot of hospitals in Singapore. In fact, you can choose among them because Singapore hospitals will be sure to treat you well and you will be having no trouble after any medication or surgery given to you. However, you are always responsible for you health. Once you are not following the instruction that the doctor is giving you. You be more likely to maintain your illness rather than be healed.


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