Stuffs That Every Girl Carries in Her Purse

Guys are sometimes confused on how girls have to carry all of those crazy things with them whenever they are out of the house. Well girls have a lot of things to make sure that they are always presentable and prepared in all circumstances. Here are the things that the girls have in their purses that forgetting even one of it will make them feel nuisance the whole day.


1. Compact Powder

A day with no powder on a girls face will definitely make her feel unattractive the whole day. Especially when she needs to meet someone, a boyfriend or a person in work, she badly needs it. It just makes herself look fresh and it gives her enough confidence to face all the people.

2. Lip gloss / Lipstick

Same as the compact powder, this is for aesthetic purposes. Girls don’t like others see them with pale lips and worst is having a chapped lips. They feel like it is a major turn off for all the guys that they will meet.

3. Tissue and Sanitizers

Girls are so delicate in terms of being clean. Most of them don’t want to have the germs touching their hands. And of course they need something to dry their hands and private area after using the comfort room, just to make sure that everything is sanitary.


4. Sanitary Napkins / Tampons

Girls are always prepared for their monthly periods. It is so hassle to have it while they are out of the house.  It will be a horror for them to get stains while there on the mall or somewhere.

5. Money

Girls will never ever forget to bring their money whenever they are out of the house. Compare to the boys, they always have the urge to spend more money for a dress, shoes and of course they always want to eat out. They always want to hangout with their friends in the coffee shops just to have a little chitchat.

6. Comb and Ponytails

Girls are always ready for a bad hair day. Whenever they feel it, they can change their hairstyle whatever and whenever they want it. It really depends on their mood.

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