Unhealthy Food Preparation Methods to Avoid

If you love cooking, then you must have tried most of the techniques and recipes you will usually find in basic cookbooks. However, there are food preparation methods that you need to avoid if you’re health-conscious or if you’re looking for ways to change how you prepare food for the family.

Avoid deep-frying and pan-frying. You can’t deny that deep-fried food is tasty, but the cooking oil used can be a source of saturated fats and cholesterol. Although you can substitute unhealthy cooking oil with natural oil, you can’t be sure of the ingredients used if you’re dining at a restaurant or buying street food. The same goes for pan-fried food, because the shallow cooking method increases fat and cholesterol.

Wash the ingredients, including vegetables. You should wash the ingredients thoroughly before cooking, including the vegetables to remove leftover pesticides and dirt. You should still wash them even if they are organically-farmed, because they were still exposed to chemicals during the harvest, transportation, and sale. Just rinse them under running water before chopping or dicing.

Don’t use plastic when preparing food. Although there are microwave-safe plastics that you can use to heat up your food, pick ceramic containers which are safer. Microwaving isn’t a bad cooking technique and using plastic as a food container is a good idea, especially for carrying food and water, as long as you do not expose the material to heat.

Roast and bake properly. Both roasting and baking are healthy food preparation techniques, but you need to make sure that the heat doesn’t dry the food completely by covering the food and adding water, wine, and natural oils. It’s also important to substitute unhealthy ingredients (butter and other ingredients with saturated fats) with better and safer alternatives.

Avoid using butter if you can. Butter is a staple ingredient in most baked goods and pasta, but they contain saturated fat which can be bad for people with cardiovascular issues. If you need to use butter, you can use other alternative ingredients that are healthier, such as avocado, olive oil, applesauce, nut butter, Greek yogurt, and pumpkin puree.

Steam instead of boil. Boiling ingredients can possibly dehydrate them of the beneficial vitamins and minerals, that is why steaming is a better option because the hot water doesn’t touch the food directly. You can prepare a lot of tasty recipes by steaming meat and vegetables.

Barbecue using electric grill, not charcoal. Barbecued food is healthy as long as you use the cooking method properly. You might want to use an electric barbecue grill instead of using charcoal, because the material is considered a carcinogen. An electric grill is also environmentally-friendly and will make preparation faster because you can avoid charring the meat.

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