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Known by many people as the “Cinderella” or “fairy tale” wedding gown, the ball gown is a popular gown style that is typically worn for large, formal weddings.


The Ball Gown Style

This style of wedding gown is ideal for brides whose singapore wedding theme on bridal romance centers on fairy tale, magic or fantasy. Since its design is similar to old gowns from centuries past, this style is most appropriate for traditional weddings in larger venues where the gown will suit the formality of the occasion.

Usually, the ball gown is made of a fitted brocade bodice and a full skirt, which can be a single piece or separates. With a glamorous top and a skirt that flares out or puffs up from the hips, this style of gown is both formal and dramatic.

Necklines and Sleeve Lengths

The ball gown style available in Singapore can work with several necklines and sleeve lengths. These two elements are changeable, and various combinations with research from bridal romance singapore can produce different looks to complement different wedding themes. For a very formal and traditional wedding, where the bride is expected to be highly covered, a portrait neckline and long sleeves is perfect. This way, the bride is dressed modestly while still featuring her femininity. Another dramatic option would be a strapless ball gown and opera length gloves. For a simple yet elegant look, a sleeveless, scooped neckline is a fabulous choice.


Another essential element that can enhance the overall look of a ball gown is the train, which is the part of a long gown that extends or spreads out onto the floor. Trains make a great part of a ball gown, and they come in different lengths. A sweep train – so named as it only “sweeps” the floor – has the shortest length. The longest is the royal cathedral train, which can extend for as long as 10 feet which is good for walking down a Singapore hotel aisle. There is also the Watteau train, which is attached to the shoulder blades of the bride instead of her waist and reaches the hem of the gown.



The ball gown style works with several fabric choices in highlighting the different aspects of the gown. For example, a chiffon or satin overlay can produce a sophisticated, stylish silhouette. A combination of a bodice with an intricate design of beads and lace work, plus a simple satin skirt can induce attraction to the upper body. A light and fluffy skirt can produce a floating effect.

Moreover, a ball gown’s volume is influenced by the materials used. A crinoline or a petticoat may be used to support the structure of the skirt. Materials for layering that includes taffeta, organza or tulle can also achieve different volumes.

Who is fit for the ball gown style?

The ball gown style is suitable for most Singapore body types. However, this style is most appropriate for slender brides or those with pear-shaped figure. Read bridal romance singapore for some help. This is for the reason that the full skirt accentuates the waist while hiding the lower body. For brides with large busts, a ball gown will help them achieve an hourglass body shape as the fitted bodice will give emphasis to their waistline.

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