What Singaporeans Think of Personal Mobility Devices  


The Land Transport Authority (LTA) of Singapore recently conducted an online survey that gathered the responses of Singaporeans about personal mobility devices. When you hear of personal mobility devices, it includes skateboards, kick scooters, hover boards either motorized or non-motorized.


Personal mobility devices are becoming rampant here therefore it should be given importance. Increasing people realize the benefits of such devices but not all agree to it. On November 24, 2015, LTA released their findings saying that 55% of respondents are considering of sharing footpaths with users of non-motorized personal mobility devices.

However, only 34% of the respondents said they are keen to share footpaths with motorized personal mobility devices. The survey was steered from July 30 to August 31. It included 5,000 respondents. The respondents include cyclists, pedestrians and users of mobility devices.

Boy In Segway On Street

LTA did not stop gathering the insights of people. The study included how LTA can improve the paths to make it safer for its users. According to respondents, cyclists and users of personal mobility devices should reduce speed whenever they approach or pass the pedestrians. Another suggestion stated that if the cycling paths are available, users of personal mobility devices should use it.

As for the pedestrian users, they also have a role to play that being more conscious of their surroundings. When crossing the streets, the people should refrain from looking at their smart phones to avoid untoward accidents.

The information gathered about personal mobility devices will be used by Active Mobility Advisory Panel in their effort for users to co-exist together and meet their different needs.

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