What You Might Want to Do When You’re Retired

Most Singaporeans have expressed fear that they are not yet financially ready for their retirement. This happens when we spend most of our younger years on pursuits that are only beneficial for the present moment but not on the coming years ahead. We are all leading to our old age and hopefully we all achieve our ideal retirement years. Unfortunately, statistics show that only a minority are able to enjoy these years and spend it the way they want. Others are trapped into a perennial need to work while the rest are left under the care and mercy of their children.


Here are some ideas to get you motivated on how you might want to spend your retirement years:

Travel around the world

You don’t have to wait until you’re already too weak just to retire. Preparing adequately for your retirement means you can stop working while you’re still strong and younger. This also means you can enjoy the fruits of your hard and long labor by traveling around the world or at least to countries that you’ve always wanted to visit. What’s all the hard work for if you can’t fulfill this childhood dream?

Provide a trust fund for your favorite grandchild

You’ll have a grandchild or a few and you’d surely want to see them grow up to become healthy smart and successful individuals. But in case you don’t get to be fortunate enough to see them grow up, you can still do something to ensure a bright future for them by providing them a trust fund. This trust fund can be invested in the stock market and by the time they’ve grown up enough to withdraw the fund, the money would have already grown exponentially throughout the years. What a gift from their loving grandparent!


Retire at your vacation house

If you’re not into travelling then you can spend your retirement years at your ideal house. This can be a cabin by the lake so that you can be close to nature. It can also be a beach house since you’ve always loved spending time by the beach. It can even be just a simple cottage house where you can do your gardening outside. Your retirement years should mean a lot of rest and doing only what you want.

Write a book

When you’re older is when you’re at your wisest. What better way to spend your golden years than by writing a book. This can be the book you’ve always wanted to write. Maybe even a memorabilia on your life. It can be anything you want to write about. What matters is this is something you’ll be passing along to the next generation.

Serve at your community

You don’t have to spend your retirement years idle if you don’t want to. There are plenty of ways you can still contribute to society. You just need to look around and search at the right places. You can lend your thinking cap and serve as an advisor to an area of your expertise. You can even teach young people at something you were successful at.


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