Who Are Preppers?

Have you heard about survivalism? Survivalism is a movement of individuals called survivalist or preppers who are getting ready for emergencies so they have higher chances of enduring it. There are a number of preppers here in Singapore and they are increasing every day.


Preppers are anticipating disruptions or disasters like:

  • Natural disasters: No one knows when the next disaster will strike here in Singapore. Preppers are getting ready for natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, blizzards, tsunamis, floods, thunderstorms, tornadoes and many more.
  • Anthropogenic disasters: Anthropogenic refers to the release of materials like nuclear or radioactive materials, spills, airborne diseases, etc.

Preppers (1)

  • Collapse of society: When there is chaos, the society will surely collapse. There will be no law and order, it will be harder to access food, fuel, water and other necessities. Preppers are getting ready for shortage or unavailability of resources.
  • Economic collapse: Preppers are also anticipating that one of these days, economic collapse like¬† deflation, depression and hyperinflation will happen. These things are uncontrollable but preppers are ready for it.
  • Unexplained events: There are times that events are unexplained. Instead of figuring how it happened, preppers are one step ahead. They already set everything so they can survive any apocalyptic event.

Preppers acquire technical skills to survive disruptions or disasters mentioned above. Preppers particularly obtain self-defence and medical training. Apart from that, they also consider stockpiling water and food. There are preppers who would go to the extent of building structures for retreat when things go sour.  

It is your choice to be a prepper. You can engage the family to get prepared in case terrible things happen.


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