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5 Habits to Practise for Better Life and Work Balance
These days, balancing work and personal life seems like an impossible feat. Technology made workers accessible for work around the clock, and the fear of job loss often causes employees to work longer hours. Sure, being this dedicated to your work helps you earn more and secure your job position. However, what many of us seem to forget is that having a never-ending workday can be detrimental to the health, personal relationships, and even to the overall happiness. Luckily, it’s never too late for us to change. Learn to practise the following habits, and you’ll soon get the work-life balance you want.

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  1. Let Go of Your Fears. One of the best ways to develop a healthy work-life balance is to let go of your fears. Stop thinking about how your company might fail or how your pending tasks pile up when you aren’t working. Once you’ve done a day’s work, let it go, take a good rest, and get back on them tomorrow. No one will blame you if you have some unchecked items on your to-do list.
  1. Schedule Your Personal Activities. Failed to attend your niece’s baptism? Passed on to your best friend’s birthday celebration? You may not notice it, but you’re probably sacrificing your personal activities for your work. A good way to prevent this from happening? Schedule and write out all your important personal activities in your desk calendar. That way, you’ll be able to schedule your leave a few days prior to that particular event. Remember, your personal activities are as important as any of your meetings.
  1. Set Work Boundaries. If your colleagues or customers think that it’s alright to call you in the middle of the night if they need something, then they’ll likely call you. Avoid this by setting firm boundaries about the time when you are and aren’t available for them. By doing this, you’ll be able to fully relax off work.


  1. Unplug From Technology. With the presence of smartphones and increasing demand on workers, it’s safe to say that we are living in an ‘always on’ culture. However, you have the power over your devices and you can take a technology break whenever you want. A good way to start this is by intentionally turning off your phone and leaving them in your safety drawer. This will greatly help you relax during your off-days and spend some quality time with your family or friends.
  1. Learn to Manage Your Energy. Instead of scheduling your tasks every minute of your time, schedule them according to your energy. Perform your extra tasks when you’re in a lull, and your important tasks when you’re energized.

Achieving a good work-life balance is quite difficult these days, but by learning to prioritize your personal and work-related activities, you’ll surely be able to achieve the balance that you want.

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